What temperature should the air coming out of the vent be for a properly functioning central AC system?

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The air from the vent should be 18 to 22 degrees F lower than the temperature of the air going into the return.
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What should the temperature of air from the heat vents be?

Automobiles: COLD TO HOT or if you want to be technical between 62+- to 92 +-Fahrenheit on average. if its too cold the heater obviously isn'tworking, but may I suggest first

Should interior doors be left open or closed to circulate air properly or evenly throughout a home cooled by a central AC unit?

Open 'em . Closing interior doors disrupts and blocks return airflow, and many older homes do not have vents in hallways, so shutting doors makes rooms chilly and hallways

How cool should the air coming out of my vents be with the home AC turned on?

What is target a/c delta 'T' . The target temperature is 20*. It can vary from that based on conditions, but that is the design. Regards . What is target a/c delta 'T'

How cold should air be from central ac vent in my home?

Anywhere from 15-20 degrees F below ambient (return) temperature. Take a temperature reading at a cold air register and at the air return. Registers farther away from the blow

Why does my central air conditioner run but no air comes from the vent?

I am sure that central air isn't that different from window air conditioners. For both I would:. 1) Take the front off and clean the filter.. While the filter is off, can yo
In Jeep Wrangler

Why won't my Jeep Wrangler's heating and cooling system work properly if the AC makes the air cold and the heater makes it hot but the air will only come out of the windshield vents?

There are many aspects to the in cabin environment controls. The fan on/off and speed controls, temperature controls, and where the air direction controls are separate. The