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What the advantage of compensating winding for direct-current generators?

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compensating winding is the one which is connected in series with armature winding & current flows in reverse direction to that of in armature .therefore the flux produced by this winding is such that to compensate armature reaction(effect of armature flux on main flux).hence voltage drop due to armature reaction reduces so terminal voltage of dc generator increases
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What Generator has shunt windings and series windings?

A 'compund wound' dc generator has shunt winding and a series winding. The shunt winding has a high resistance, and draws only a small current from the armature, but as it has

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simply when there is wind it stors up some electrisate and releses it very slowly it genrarets power for its self it even use it when there is wind becase it would go around r

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Inexhaustible fuel sourceNo pollutionOften an excellent supplement to other renewable sources It will never run out.
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