What the code for the Facebook activate Facebook texts?

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They should ask you for your number and when you enter your number they should send you the code in a text.
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What is Facebook code?

To get the code for any website, simply right click on it, then select view page source.

Is Facebook safer then unlimited texting?

It depends. If you mean safer in a way that the police or some other people might read your messages, there both the same. Police tracks everyday texts and Facebook conversati

What activities is on Facebook?

Facebook has a lot of features to offer. Notes (blog like feature)- you can express whatever you want to express here since the status message allow only 420 character messag

How do you text things to Facebook?

1.-First check to see if your phone can go on the Internet. 2.-If your phone can type in for Facebook. 3.-If you can go on Face book just type in anything you want (of cou

Can you text from Facebook?

For now, no. You cannot text via Facebook. Though they recently made it possible to have FB on your phone. So I'm sure texting is coming soon as well.