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What the difference between sentence and proposition?

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the difference between a sentence and a proposition is a sentence is a thought like for ex. " I like cotten candy." that's a sentence. a proposition can mean 2 different things it can eather be some one asking someone else to marry them or it can be a suggestion for ex. " i propose that we re-think this law about slavery."
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What is the difference between predicate and propositional logic?

in propositional logic a complete sentence can be presented as an atomic proposition. and complex sentences can be created using AND, OR, and other operators.....these proposi

What is the difference between proposition and predicate?

A proposition is a statement that is either true or false (its "truth value"). Example of a proposition: Belgium is a country in Europe. A predicate is a proposition whose tru

What is a propositional sentence?

Just think of a cloud, you can go around a cloud, you can be above a cloud, you can be under a cloud, etc.

What is the difference between a proposal and a proposition?

The words proposal and proposition can frequently be used synonymously. But the word proposition has some meanings that proposal does not have. So, they are not synonyms all t

What is the Difference between hypothesis and proposition?

A proposition is a logically sound assertion that makes a connection/s between concepts. Propositions cannot be tested for validity; a hypothesis is a logical assertion, that

Is a proposition a sentence?

Yes it's a kind of sentence like a question or request. Lend me some money and I'll pay you back double tomorrow.