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Who was Anne Frank?

Anne Frank was a German girl born in 1929 in Frankfurt, she wasJewish. In 1933 her family moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands(Holland) in order to get away from Nazi oppression (persecution).In 1940, however, the Nazi invaded the Netherlands. She is famous because of the diary she kept that docum (MORE)

What did Anne Frank do?

While in hiding from the Nazis in World War 2 in Amsterdam Anne Frank kept a diary . It provides a very valuable record of life in hiding at that time under those conditions. She gave detailed descriptions on everything she wrote in her diary. Anne died in early March, 1945 in Belsen concentra (MORE)

Where was Anne Frank?

Anne was born in Frankfurt Germany and moved to Amsterdam, Holland when she was young. they went into hiding when she was 13 and were caught 25 months later. she later died with in days of her sister Margot of typhus in Bergen-Belson concentration camp. she was 15 years old.

Did Anne Frank live in the Holocaust time period?

yes Anne frank lived in the time of the holocost with her family. the natiz tried to kill all Jews and Anne was one she hid in an office with her family and three other family's the stayed there for almost two years until some one told on them that they were hiding in the office.

What is the time line of Anne Frank?

During WWII. Anne and her family went into hiding July 9th, 1942 and stayed there until they were discovered by the Gestapo (after being reported by a Dutch informant) on August 4th, 1944. The Frank family and the others hiding with them were sent to concentration camps where Anne died sometime in (MORE)

Where was Anne Frank from?

She was born in 1929,12th of June in Frankfurt-am-Main in Germany. However, her family moved to Amsterdam in Holland in 1933.

What did they do to Anne Frank?

Anne and her family were first sent to Aushwitz, and later she and Margot were selected for transport to Bergen-Belsen. They both died of typhus in Belsen, sometime in early March of 1945.

How many times did Anne Frank write in her diary?

Definitely many times since she had no friends to talk to, no family members that would listen to her, and too much free time. So, Anne used her birthday gift (the diary), names it Kitty, and treats it like a personal secret holding friend that can stay quiet.

Who is Anne Frank and what did she do?

Anne Frank was one of many Jewish people living during the Holocaust. She, her family, and some total strangers had to hide out from the Nazi's. Eventually, they were caught and sent to concentration camps. Anne, in the end, died because she was ill. All the while in between, she wrote in a diary th (MORE)

What did Anne Frank do with her time?

Im not sure whether you are talking bout when she was in hidingor when she was free. . IN HIDING- . When Anne was hiding there was a lot of time to spare, as youcould imagine. She studied and helped her dad a lot. She also hadto stay quiet, so think she would have read. . WHILST FREE- . Anne had (MORE)

Who was with Anne Frank?

Her Mother Edith, Father Otto, Sister Margot, Mr & Mrs Van Daan, Peter Van Daan, and Fritz Pfeffer.

What is Anne Frank about?

Anne Frank was a girl who lived during WWII. When she was 13 years old, she received a red and white checked diary for her birthday. Her mother and father were Edith and Otto Frank, and she had an older sister named Margot. When she was four years old, the family went to Holland to escape the rising (MORE)

Who did Anne Frank spend a lot of time with?

She liked to spend time with her dad and a little alone time(especially when writing in the diary) in the beginning and later on, she became more interested in Peter (van Daan) van Pels.

What did Anne Frank did to kill time?

She Wrote in her Diary. Anne Frank is intresting to study But you can borrow her Diary out of the library and get lot of info. She didnt just write in her diary she also had a notebook and she wrote her favourite quotes and sentences in them. she also collected posters of famous people.

1 Who was Anne Frank?

she was a Jewish girl who went into hiding because the Nazis were after her family. she wrote a diary whilst in hiding. her father found it after she died and published it

When was the time frame of the Anne Frank story?

By the beginning of 1940 they were trapped in Amsterdam due to the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. As persecutions of the Jewish population increased in July 1942, the family went into hiding in the hidden rooms of her father http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Otto_Frank's office building. After two (MORE)

Why did Anne Frank do what she did?

Some people keep a diary, and in the case of Anne Frank it would seem reasonable to think that keeping a record of what was happening to her and her family and friends was a way to fill in the time she had. You have to keep in mind that here we have people that are all confined in a very small area, (MORE)

Who was Anne Frank and what did she do?

Anne Frank was a young, Jewish girl during WW2. She, her family, and some family friends went into hiding in order to not be captured by the Germans. The hiding spot was in the attic above her father's company. Unfortunately, a new worker at the company heard something strange and reported it to the (MORE)

Is Anne Frank St Anne?

No she was not St. Anne that was a whole different person she never became a saint she never lived to be old enough to be one. Not to mention she was Jewish.

When was BBC 1 invented?

The channel formerly known as BBC Television was renamed BBC 1 when BBC 2 was launched, on 20 April 1964.

What is 1 thing Anne Frank said?

This is one of the things said in Bergen belson concentration camp:why does it have to be this way why are they so cruel I hope I live:(

Where is Anne Frank from?

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Her nationalitywas German until 1941 when Hitler declared that the Jews didn'thave a nationality. She was then considered Jewish by the Nazis.

Is Anne Frank well liked by her living partners during the time of the story?

Truthfully? At times, yes - her sense of fun lifts them all. But on a day-in/day-out basis? No, Anne, merely by being herself - is a constant thorn to several other people in the annex. She is loud, opinionated, argumentative and stubborn. Today, we know these to be the traits of a brilliant, precoc (MORE)

Is the diary of Anne Frank a realistic account of this time of history?

Absolutely. One might even call it hyper-realistic. Anne was a Jew in hiding, who happened to be highly articulate, and an excellent natural writer. Her insights and speculations of what was happening were also uncannily accurate, and wise beyond her years. There is a reason that Anne's diary is con (MORE)

How did the Nazis treat Jews during the time of Anne Frank?

Type your answer here... The Nazis stripped the Jews of all their possessions and happiness by giving them a number, not a name, and squeezing 50 men into a room smaller then most hotel rooms. Their heads were shaved and men and women got separated to different areas so never saw each other again. T (MORE)

Was Anne Frank born around the same time as Martin Luther King?

They were born in the same year. Anne Frank was born on June 12 , 1929 and Martin Luther King wasborn on January 15 , 1929. I wrote a report on Martin Luther King in like 4th grade &happened to remember the year of his birth , and also right now i`mreading the diary of anne frank , or the script of (MORE)

What did Anne Frank write for the first time in her diary?

The first words that Anne Frank wrote in her diary are: "I hope I will be able to confide everything to you, as I have never been able to confide in anyone, and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support." This is from an entry dated June 12, 1942.

Why is Anne Frank named Anne Frank?

Actually, that was not her birth name. She was born Anneliese MarieFrank. "Anne" was her nickname, and it soon became what she wascalled.