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What type of attorney usually handles auto accident claims?

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Attorneys specializing in personal injury claims typically handle automotive accidents. For accidents involving strictly vehicular property a simple claims adjuster will usually suffice.
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Can you file a small claims suit against a person whose insurance did not cover all your losses in an auto accident?

Depends on the state you are in. Talk to an attorney. We did here in California. Had court on 5/24/11. No one representedmy son, I got his case together for him. The other par

What is the bike law for bicycle accident attorney?

Bike laws vary from state to state and from city to city. If someone is hurt in a bicycle accident, they should immediately contact an attorney who is familiar with the area

How long do non accident claims stay on your auto insurance record?

all claims stay on your record no matter what ins gency you go to. they can look up all your past ins claims adn history. they don't usually hold it against you if its been ov

Can a person file bankruptcy on an auto accident claim?

  Answer   Filing bankruptcy creates an "automatic stay" which is a court order stopping most efforts to collect a debt, including lawsuits. Whether or not you are e

What happens when you get into an auto accident that is your fault and the demands of the other drivers claim is higher than your liability limit on your insurance?

  The other driver has a right to sue you to recover any damages not covered by the insurance. It could mean a lien against you and against any property you own. If you ha

How long after an accident can you claim for whiplash?

I would say as soon as possible because whiplash is generally just a temporary bruising of the muscles in the neck. It causes pain in the neck from this bruising but it always

Can a auto accident cause a stroke?

The predisposition for having a stroke may already be there, however the auto accident could possibly trigger it. This is just a personal opinion. . I would say yes an auto

Will an auto accident with no injury get a settlement?

An auto accident with no bodily injury will typically get a property settlement only. In order to receive any additional settlement including pain and suffering you would need

How long does it to get an insurance claim check on an auto accident after a claim has been filed?

  The insurance company has a certain amount of time (30-60 days, depending on your state) to give you an "answer", which could be "Accepted, here's your check", "Declined

What is the average cost of an auto accident?

Car accidents can potentially cost drivers considerable amounts of money. As a result, auto insurance acts as a protector for the insured person against financial loss in the

I am at fault in an auto accident and have insurance but my insurance didnt resolve the claim and now i am being sued what do i do?

Getting SuedWho is suing you? If the other person is suing you, first off try contacting an attorney and see what your options are. Your insurance is supposed to cover damages

How do you handle minor car accident?

Car accidents are unfortunate and unexpected events. If you are in a car accident, the experience, although unpleasant, will be most easily dealt with if drivers take certain

How much does a car accident attorneys cost?

A car accident attorney's fees vary greatly depending on the complexity of your case, the expertise and experience of your lawyer, and the region of the country that you are l