What type of math is used in fashion?

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Well, you have to buy materials, which means you have to deal with money, so you have to be able to do arithmetic.

If you're making lots of clothes, you'll want to be able to find ways
to lay patterns out efficiently - that will require geometry, probably
algebra, and maybe even calculus.

If you want to set up a manufacturing process, you would probably want
to be familiar with control theory, and perhaps calculus.

If you're really trying to be creative, topology might be useful in
helping you think up new ways to get clothes onto and off of bodies.
(For example, pants normally have three 'holes' in them - one for the
waist, and one for each leg. But diapers have _no_ holes in them - you
wrap them around the baby and fasten them. It might be interesting to
take a few minutes to think about why they are designed that way.)

If you want to design cloth patterns, it would be useful to study
tessellation's, and perhaps abstract algebra.
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How is math used in fashion?

If you are thinking of becoming a designer of clothes then you need math to measure garments, see proportions on the model and if you are running the business you will need math to do company bookkeeping and your taxes. . You need to know math to take measurements and take stock. You also need it (MORE)

Do pediatricians use math what type and when?

Yes, pediatricians use math all the time. They mostly use it when diagnosing medicine to children according to their weight. the use this equation: (child's weight in kg times the standard dosage of the medication, sometimes divided into a twice or three times a day dosage)

What type of math does a cake decorator use?

you would need basic math with ratios to figure how to evenly place the repetitive decorations pleasingly on the cake icing... A cake decorator is just another form of an artist, they use colored icing instead of paint. Applying the repetitive decorations is usually starting at the points of a comp (MORE)

What types of math are used in registered nursing?

math used in nursing Sponsors quot ladder concept professional nurse quot. Inpatient unit certified nursing roles by the ysn #39 s nursing. Care new and other certificate program msn ed enhances youngest. Planning and impressive record in practices of nursing baccalaureate. Eligible wages for (MORE)

How do fashion designers use different types of math?

Math is used in designing because when you cut the fabric and make measurements. It is also used when you cut the fabrics and certain parts of it have to be certain sizes. . Math is used in designing because when you cut the fabric and make measurements. It is also used when you cut the fabrics a (MORE)

How does math help in fashion designing?

Math does help with fashion designing cause you need geometrie (translation, rotations and reflexion if you wanna your clothes in 3D). You also have to learn how to mesure. example if you wanna mesure how much fabric you need.

What type of math is used by mechanics?

Ratios when it comes to gears, a lot of small units of measuring for cylinder boring, percentage problems, weight ratios, displacement or cubic measuring of cylinders, limits when it comes to car weight. Physics would describe the type of math for a mechanical engineer which goes hand in hand with m (MORE)

What type of math do opthamologist use?

They normally use exponents, scientific notation and factoring.....i think but not entirely sure! :-/. They normally use exponents, scientific notation and factoring.....i think but not entirely sure! :-/. They normally use exponents, scientific notation and factoring.....i think but not entirely (MORE)

How is math involved in fashion designing?

i need to make 400 jackets for my store. my material from star to finish cost me 30p a metre. i have 1600 metres made. shipping the jacket is £30.00 a kilo from India to England. each jacket weights 0.9kg. and the total labour for each jacket to be made is 45p. how much do i need to pay?( this is (MORE)

What type of math is used in being an actress?

That's a disingenuous question. You are probably aware, or have a strong suspicion, that the day-to-day activities involved in the performing arts require no more than a rudimentary knowledge of counting numbers. Presumably if a stage director tells you to enter "in three" you can find it. The large (MORE)

How can you relate math to fashion runway?

you can start by making math patterns in the clothes the greateramount of skin that shows the higher a persons rating is.... that'sall i can come up with the longer a run way (like the more testsyou do on an equation) is the more accurate the results will be i guess you can calculate the area of a r (MORE)

What type of math do coroners use?

\nThere is a whole BODY of math that is used for coroners. They need to look at dead people from every ANGLE. They must CALCULATE the time of death and PROVE the cause.\nBut seriously, there is a lot of math in forensic pathology. They use algebra and geometry to figure out how and why people died (MORE)

What types of math do physical therapists use?

Physical therapists mostly use basic arithmetic. At a minimum, a physical therapist needs to be able to count to 10, to determine if any fingers/toes/arms/legs on their patient are missing. They also need to add large numbers, in order to calculate the total dollar amount they should charge their pa (MORE)

How is maths useful in field of fashion?

Depends on the angle you are taking. If you are the "designer" - designing the clothes that your models will be wearing, well, you have to know inches and such, to be able to size up your clothes properly.\n. \nNow, if you are the "model" - than I'm not too sure ;) Sure, you probably don't need t (MORE)

What type of math do pilot use?

You'd really have to specify what kind of Pilot we're talkingabout. Most pilots use basic mathematics to chart their flights,including fuel usage, tonnage and PAX weight.

What type of math does lawyer use?

Lawyers are not required to be mathematicians, but they do have cases that require pretty basic mathematics. Cases involving http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Do_lawyers_use_math_in_their_job# , contracts, antitrust, calculation of fees and damages, present value calculations for structured settlements all (MORE)

Where is the math in fashion designing?

Well, first of all, you must do the math to find out how much the fabric will cost. You must also be able to get the exact measurements of the cloth you are using, which will be easier if you can do math.

What type of math do carpender use?

Carpenters geometry to calculate angles of roofs and gables, as well as adding and multiplication when making measurements and ordering material.

Is maths necessary for fashion designing?

Part of it is determining the length of a piece of clothing, how much it's worth, how much to sell it for, etc. Long story short, it's highly recommended but I don't believe it's necessary.

How does a fashion designer is related to math?

You have to be able to work out how much fabric you'll need in order to create a design. However the job of "pattern cutter" is far more related to maths than fashion design; pattern cutters are responsible for draughting paper patterns ("templates") of outfits that have been designed, in order for (MORE)

What type of math do you use in nature?

All types of maths appear in nature; circles that appear in nature gave rise to the number "pi", exponential sequences in nature gave rise to the number 'e', trigonometric functions model curves, probabilities can be calculated for naturally occurring "events", Mandelbrots' sequences model trees, sn (MORE)

What type of math did they use in 1580?

At the end of the 16th Century, they had all the math you're likely to have access to throughout elementary school and high school and into college, except for calculus. All of the arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.

What type of math do we use today?

Today, we study many types of math. When you ascend to different grade levels, you are taught more types of math. Examples are: Algebra Calculus Geometry etc.

What type of math used in sport writin?

You have to add up the statistics of games. For example, how many total bases did Billy Hitsalot get in the game if he had a double, a triple, and a homerun to go along with one strikeout? Add up 2 total bases for the double, 3 for the triple, and 4 for the homerun, plus 0 for the strikeout. 2+3+4+0 (MORE)

What type of math do use for programming?

\n \nProgramming can apply a wide variety of branches of mathematics. Geometry, trigonometry, calculus, algebra etc. Computer science and math go hand in hand. \n. +++ \n. The actual computing at circuit level relies on binary and hexadecimal arithmetic, and Boolean Logic. Certain applications inc (MORE)

Why is math important for fashion designing?

Ahem. So, you want this really awesome dress, say, Burberry. And then, uh oh! Your dimensions are AxBxC. THEY MADE IT BxCxA. Can you fit? NO. And also, if you're going to make a long, flowing dress, without math it's going to be a miniskirt. See? So, if you're a kid who wants to be a fashion designe (MORE)

How do you use math fashion designing?

When cutting out patterns to make clothing,the measurments of every cut need to be exact. Just one inch could ruin the entire piece. Also,when displaying clothing, the clothing needs to fit a model perfectly. It needs to hug in all the right places. A model has 3 basic body measurments. Idealy 32-24 (MORE)

How do fashion designers use math in different ways?

Fashion designers us math in many ways... they use math to measurehow much material they need and how long the material they areusing needs to be. They also need to make different sized clothingand measure the size of the clothing they are making so it fits theaverage person....for example if they n (MORE)