What type of memory module has 184 pins?

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DDR DIMM has 184 pins.
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Can you use any 168 pin memory module in a iMac?

\nNo.\n. \nDifferent iMacs require different types of memory modules.\n. \nMost major Mac-friendly RAM vendors should be able to recommend the correct RAM for your model iMa
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Where can one purchase a 184 PIN DIMM module?

A 184 PIN DIMM module can purchased at a wide variety of stores and locations. Since this device is and electronic, ordering it online is always a safe option. Otherwise, look
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Which type of memory module has 184 pin memory?

The 184-pin DIMM configuration was used for DDR SDRAM. It is identified by sharing the larger contact sizes with the earlier SDRAM, but having only one cut out instead of two.