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Depends on the entity Generally speaking the following are REQUIRED 12 weeks a year for Family Medical Leave Act Reasonable Accomodations under Americans with Disability Act 7.5% FICA Contribution into Social Security Min. Wage $5.15/hour overtime over 40 hours at 1.5x the rate Fringe benefits include: - Paid Time Off - Employer portion of healthcare benefits including medical, dental, vision - Flexible Scheduling - Tuition Reimbursement
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Can an employer withdraw an offer of employment after employee accepts?

Yes. Most states are now at-will employment states. There is no contract, and the relationship can be terminated at any time by either party for any reason or no reason at all

How do banks benefit by offering ATMs?

Well, directly there is no benefit. However, the conventional way of disposing of cash withdrawals is through the Teller counter of the bank which is manned by one staff membe

How long can you receive employment benefits?

The President signed into law today (12/19/10) a bill extending unemployment benefits for a total of 99 weeks (including the state's 26 week portion) for those states whose en

What is the purpose of an employment offer letter?

it's a letter accepting your employment with the organization. it should detail what your position, responsibility, benefits and pay are. however, depending on what state you

What are the benefits of online employment jobs?

Benefits of online employment jobs include flexible working hours, as well as, the ability to work from your own home. This allows stay at home moms/dads to watch their child

Does your employer have to offer health insurance?

Historically, employers did not have to offer health insurance.  When affordable for the employer, however, it was a way to attract  valuable employees, even when the employ

Why did my employer deny me unemployment benefits?

The state agency responsible for administering unemployment benefits determines eligibility based upon facts obtained regarding the separation, not the employer.

What is benefit of offering in church?

You do not have to give a certain amount, but you can give as you wish. The money is used to support missionaries , the pastors salary, and the church as a whole.

Do employers have to offer part time employees benefits?

Legally as a part time employee there is far more variation in what is acceptable practice, it really depends on what company you work for. Many part time staff members do not
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What benefits does Maplin offer its employees?

Maplin offers its employees in edition to competitive pay the following: 20 days' of vacation, with it increasing to 25 days with length of service; a pension and life assuran
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What benefits do IVR services offer?

Some of the benefits that IVR Services offer are Free Sign Up, 200  Free Calls, and a plan to meet your budget. IVR Services is a Do It  Yourself Online Call Center. some fe