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Depends on the entity Generally speaking the following are REQUIRED 12 weeks a year for Family Medical Leave Act Reasonable Accomodations under Americans with Disability Act 7.5% FICA Contribution into Social Security Min. Wage $5.15/hour overtime over 40 hours at 1.5x the rate Fringe benefits include: - Paid Time Off - Employer portion of healthcare benefits including medical, dental, vision - Flexible Scheduling - Tuition Reimbursement
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Can you collect benefits from both state disability and the disability insurance that your employer offers?

You can receive both. I am not able to provide a more detailed answer because I do not know what state you work in and would be receiving disability benefit payments from. If

Does employer have offer the same benefits to all employees or can they offer different benefits to each employee?

In the USA, all employees in the same "category" have to be offered  the same benefits. For example, in a large company, the  'Executives' can have a different compensation

Would you recommend an employer offer domestic partner benefits?

This costs money. And yet, many, many employers do it. So ... there must be a good reason why it's done. It is related to attracting and retaining qualified workers, as well a

Do employers have to offer part time employees benefits?

Legally as a part time employee there is far more variation in what is acceptable practice, it really depends on what company you work for. Many part time staff members do not

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