What volcano buried towns in Ancient Italy?

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The volcano Mount Vesuvius buried the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum in the year 79.
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How many volcanoes does Italy have?

3 active . Mt Vesuvius (nr. Naples) . Mt Etna (sicily) . Stromboli (sicily) . 10 dormant. Pantelleria, (Near Tunisia) . Vulcano, (island) . Isola Ferdinandea, (NW of Pantelleria) . Vulcanello, (Connected to Vulcano) . Campi Flegrei, (massive caldera containing western naples) . Ischia, ( (MORE)

What is the most important Volcano in Italy?

There are a few. Etna (in Sicily) is the most active. Vesuvus hasn't erupted for nearly a hundred years, but has a big history. And the dormant volcano, Vulcan was important to the Romans, becasue they believed that it was where the god Vulcan lived.

How did the ancient Egyptians bury their dead?

The ancient Egyptians covered the dead body in spices and oil's then wrapped the body in linen then the body was buried in the sarcophagus and laid in the tomb with all of the dead persons gold and belongings because it was though of that the belongings that the body was laid to rest with follow the (MORE)

What is the tallest volcano in Italy?

what the tallest volcanoes of roccamonfina,etna, vulcano and stromboli ?. what the tallest volcanoes of roccamonfina,etna, vulcano and stromboli ?

What towns end in bury?

There's quite a few... Some (but not all) are - Banbury, Canterbury, Glastonbury, Salisbury, Shrewsbury, Welbury & Aylesbury

What towns is UK end in bury?

I Have Found A LIst Of 10 That End In Bury: Bury Banbury Canterbury Glastonbury Salisbury Shrewsbury Wednesbury Welbury Amesbury Aylesbury

What town was the Virgin Mary buried?

It is in the Catholic tradition that she wasn't buried, in fact the wording makes us wonder if she actually died. The tradition is that she had an "assumption"-that is taken up to Heaven at the end of her life, body and soul. If there were people who opposed this view, it wasn't widespread. Impro (MORE)

Why did the Ancient Egyptians bury the pharaoh's?

The rituals surrounding the burial of the Pharaohs was to give them everlasting life (or to help them to continue to the next level of existance, or whatever they considered to come after life).

Why are mummies buried in ancient Egypt?

Mummies are buried because ancient egyptians thought there was a life after death. So they buried mummies. They thought that If they burnt they cannot live the after life.

What is a famous volcano in Italy?

Vesuvio in naples . Mount Etna in sicily . Stroboli Sicily . Vulcano Sicily I think all 'em are active vesuvius is the only dangerous one etna erupts quite every year

Why are there volcanoes in Italy and Japan but not in Iraq?

Regardless of how well stuck together the Earth's surface may seem on the surface, it actually consists of several different slabs. Volcanoes and earth quakes occur along the lines where one plate rubs up against another. One such boundary runs through/underneath Italy, another Japan. But Iraq is we (MORE)

Where were woman buried in ancient Egypt?

Funerary practices varied over different dynasties- in the period of Cleopatra, bodies, including the Royals, were cremated ( they had a wake first- or Lying In state) the Cleopatra film was correct on this- this was Greek influence on Egypt. In days of mummies - there was a separate ( Valley of the (MORE)

Was Jesus buried in Italy?

No. the apostles Peter and Paul were buried in Italy - St Peter in the Vatican in Rome under the main altar of St Peter's basilica, and St Paul under the altar of St Paul's basilica in the southern suburbs of Rome. After the brutal crucifixion and esecution of Jesus on the Friday, the dead body of (MORE)

Where did ancient Egyptians bury their kings?

Ancient Egyptians didn't have kings but pharaohs. They were buried in splendid constructions which we today refer to as the Pyramids together with servants (buried alive), gold and treasure, even their pets, as they believed they would need it in the afterlife.

What is the name of the volcano that buried pompeii in ash?

Mount Vesuvius is the volcano that buried Pompeii. Mount Vesuvius is the volcano that buried Pompeii. Mount Vesuvius is the volcano that buried Pompeii. Mount Vesuvius is the volcano that buried Pompeii. Mount Vesuvius is the volcano that buried Pompeii. Mount Vesuvius is the volcano that burie (MORE)

What town in Italy was Christopher Columbus from?

Christopher Columbus he was born in Genoa, would have been called at birth "Cristoforo Colombo". His birth is postulated at between August and October of 1451. Today Genoa is part of Italy, but in 1451 it was an independent city-state, and the richest city in the western Mediterranean.The native lan (MORE)

How did ancient Greeks bury the dead?

There were steps to the final resting place of the dead: 1. The Prothesis-the display of the body 2. Funerary Feast 3. The Ekphora-the funeral procession 4. Building the Funeral Pyre 5. The Collection and Internment of the bones. 6. The Building Burial Mound These steps resemble modern burial pract (MORE)

When ancient Egyptians died what were they buried with?

The ancient Egyptians would bury there deceased royalty or importance with personal belongings and food and cloths. Also a boat for the journey to the afterlife and as ridiculous as it sounds sometimes even a favorite horse.

Do volcanos bury plants and animals?

Yes, some volcanic eruptions can bury plants and animals. Eruptions such as the famous, documented eruption of Krakatoa generate pyroclastic clouds that obliterate everything in their path. Pyroclastic flows are superheated rock and ash that move hundreds of miles per hour. This is generally in th (MORE)

Where is Hatshepsut buried an Ancient Egyptian?

Her time orreign was 1508-1458 BC. She was the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenthdynasty of Egypt. The mummy was found long ago but it wasunidentified until 2014. They found a tooth in the organ jars andit was a match. Her mummy was found at last. Her mummy was foundunder the instruction of Dr. Hawass. (MORE)

Is Sicily a town or a city in Italy?

Sicily is an island (the largest in the Mediterranean Sea), and is an autonomous region of Italy. Its capital city is Palermo and its most prominent feature is Mt.Etna.

Where is Bury Town FC located?

Bury town FC are a football team that play Non league football. The club is located in the North West of the United Kingdom near the city of Manchester.

Which volcano was buried in the roman city of Pompeii?

A volcano, which is a mountain, cannot be possibly be buried in a city. It is the other way round. A city can be buried by the volcanic ashes of the lava of a volcanic eruption; that is, an explosion o fa volcano mountain. Pompeii was buried by the volcanic ashes of a volcanic eruption of the nearby (MORE)