What was Iran called before it was Iran?

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Until 1935 Iran was officially known as Persia. However, Iran and Persia was used interchangeably until 1979 after the revolution.

Edit: the name Iran have been used since Maads. it means Land Of Aryans
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Where is Iran?

Iran is in the eastern part of the Middle East which is in Southwest Asia. Iran is bordered on the North by Armenia, Azerbaijan & Turkmenistan. On the East by Afghanistan & Pakistan. On the West by Turkey & Iraq. It also borders the Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman & Caspian Sea.

What was Iran like before?

some people, who like monarchy, believe that it was better then than it is now.. now, it is an Islamic republic, and, well, people don't like following religion... but unlike the west portrays it, the people are pretty content with life... there aren't as many worries there as there are in the (MORE)

Before Islam what was the major religion in Iran?

The religion in Iran prior to Islam was Zoroastrianism.. Here is some information about Zoroastrianism.. What is Zoroastrianism? . Simply put, Zoroastrianism is the name given to the religion and beliefs based on the teachings which are attributed to the Persian religious leader Zararthushtra ( i (MORE)

Before Islam the major religion in Iran Persia?

The Main religion of the Persian (Iranian) Nation/Empire from it's inception as a civilization by its founding father; Cyrus the Great, has been the Zoroastrian Religion. It's focus is the teachings of Zoroaster. This was predominately the main religion of the Persians and most other Aryan nations, (MORE)

Why is Iran no longer called Persia?

The original name Iran (= Aryan) was overlaid in the west by theGreek name Persia. This persisted until modern times. In 1935 theShah (king) tried to reinstate Iran as the name, but this was notsuccessful and in 1949 either name use was accepted. In recentyears international use has accepted Iran, h (MORE)

What are shiite Muslims who enforced their beliefs through Iran called?

they are called shia Muslims Shia and Sunni have mostly same beliefs and both believe in fundamental beliefs of Islam. Today there is up to 260 sects in Islam that are in two main categories of shia and sunni. the conflict of shia and sunni has been always amplified by world Imperialism to preve (MORE)

What is there to do in Iran?

You could visit the ancient ruins of Khashayarshah, Persepolis, or the modern architecture of Teheran! Or even go out to a restaurant since Iran has some of the most delectable foods! Go site-seeing! My list would be endless!!!! So...go to this youtube link to see heaps more cool things to (MORE)

What was Iran originally called?

Persia is what the Greek called Iran in ancient world. it backs to 2500 years ago. In that time the governing dynasty in IRAN was from a tribe named Pars. Persia is derived from that name.

When did Iran become Iran?

Iran was originally called Persia, it was one of the very first empires in the world, at a time, it ruled most of the known world. Later Reza Shah changed the name to Iran, meaning noble, some time during his reign in 1935.The name Persia was used for Iran by Greeks . While Iran was called Iran by i (MORE)

Why is it called the Iran green revolution?

answer . The color green was associated with Mousavi's supporters before the election was, apparently, rigged, and since his supporters were the most active ones, it's called the Green Movement or Revolution.

What was Iraq and Iran before?

Your question is not very clear. I assume you mean to ask about what other names these two territories have been known by throughout history.\n. \nIraq has always been known as "Iraq" in Arabic (we're talking at least 1500 years, probably more). In European languages, however, the area was usuall (MORE)

Why is ancient Iran called Persia?

The original name Iran (= Aryan) was overlaid in the west by theGreek name Persia. This persisted until modern times. In 1935 theShah (king) tried to reinstate Iran as the name, but this was notsuccessful and in 1949 either name use was accepted. In recentyears international use has accepted Iran, h (MORE)

How can get call history of Iran Cell Network prepaid number?

You can easily get it through their service centers. In this case,it depends on your network provider, you can ask them to provideyour call history as well. If you are looking for online services, also you can apply for it,then you'll be able to use it through web app online services. There's also a (MORE)

Who is the dictator of Iran?

There is no dictatorship in Iran. Iran is a democracy based on Islamic law. Islamic law restricts freedom of pornography in society. Most Iranians are Muslims and agree to these rules. Some of the people of Iran do not agree to these rules and want more freedom.

How do you pronouce Iran?

English speaking people usually pronounce it - ( I - ran ) The rest of the world pronounces it - ( Ee - Ron ) That is also how Iranians pronounce it.

Why is Iran a civilization?

Iran is a country and therefore a civilizatino. They are a group of people that live in the same place with a common language and culture.

Is Iran bad?

In many cases yes. Examples are: . suppression of younger generation; . very limited freedom of speech (in fact, there are none); . censorship; . corruption within the authorities; . and many more.

Who is important in Iran?

The supreme leader (Sayyed Ali Khamenei) The President (Mahmud Ahmadinejad) The head of Parliament (Ali Larijani)

Is KFC in Iran?

Yes but they changed the name to TFC (Tehran Fried Chicken) Yesthere is. The last one was closed after the revolution in 1979. In2012 they opened the first one in 30 years.

What are the resources of Iran?

The only sufficient resource for Islamic Republic of Iran is gained from Iranian people (like taxes, imposition, and so).

How can you call Iran from the United States?

The international and local area dialing codes would all be the same, but your long distance company of choice would have to provide you with their direct or operator assisted dialing protocols.

Was Iran once called Persia?

Yes. Persia's relations with Nazi Germany were great, Hitler influenced the Iranians of the Aryan image and Persia was changed to Iran. Iran, meaning Land of the Aryans. Originally they were Aryans, now they are heavily mixed people.

Why did the Shah of Iran leave Iran?

The Shah of Iran abdicated because he felt that he was no longerable to hold back the Islamic Revolution; it was too widespread. Ithad become apparent by Black Friday (September 8, 1978), that therewould be a confrontation between the Shah and the Revolutionariesof all stripes. The Shah ultimately d (MORE)

What name would a European have called Iran in 1500 CE?

The answer you are looking for is "Persia", but this is incorrect. At exactly 1500 C.E., Iran was not under a unitary government. TheTimurids lost power in 1458 and the Safavids came to power in 1502,as a result, different parts of Iran were under different empiresof the Oghuz Türks. Even if the (MORE)

What are the citizens of Iran called?

well Iran literally meaning land of the Aryans(Aryayee people) is home to Iranian(plural) or Persian which was refered to Iranians after the Parthians took power. both is alright and commonly used

What connection Iran have does Iran have to government?

Members of the Iranian government (minister) president elected by parliament for a confidence vote to be introduced. After examining a confidence vote in parliament toministers. Iranian President and the Parliament are elected with the votes of the people.

Who are Iran?

Iran is country, not a person. It is located in the eastern part of the Middle East.

Who was the leader of Iran before the Shah?

There was none. Ever since the founding of the Persian Empire, which happened many centuries B.C. Iran was always under a Shah (king.) The last change between dynasties occurred in 1925 when Reza Khan Pahlavi led a military coup that successfully overthrew Ahmed Qajjar of the Qajjar Dynasty (whic (MORE)

What do you call the people living in Iran?

Iranians or Persians. Note: Iranian is a national term, that is to say what passport a person holds would be Iranian. Persian is an ethnic term and refers to the dominant ethnicity in Iran. (The equivalent in the United States would be American and White respectively.) There are numerous Iranians (MORE)

Why is Iran sometimes called an theocratic republic?

A theocracy is a government controlled by religious leaders. A republic is a state that has got rid of its Monarch. Iran is both of these. However, historical experience teaches the world that theocracies are in general not very nice places to live in - when people think that they have divine guid (MORE)

Will Scotland attack England before Iran attacks Israel?

Highly unlikely. The situation between Israel and Iran is significantly more volatile than the situation between Scotland and England. This is especially unlike since Scotland will likely break away from the UK peacefully, and this might happen as soon as next year if the country votes for it.

Which provider offers cheap calls to Iran?

The provider that offers cheap calls to Iran is startec 1.9 cents, tamasbavatan 3.9 cents, joinvip $10, localphone 5.2 cents, rebtel 5.9 cents, and dial123 2.5 cents.

How did Iran become Iran?

Iran was originally known as Persia until 1935 when the Shah ofIran Reza Pahlavi asked the international community to address thecountry by its name used internally before that: Iran. This was torepresent the modernity of the new state. In the Iranian (or Islamic) revolution in 1979, Iran officiall (MORE)

Who was the leader of Iran before the revolution of 1979?

This was thebeginning of Iranian revolution. On January 16 1979, the Shah left Iran. Shapour Bakhtiar as his new prime minister with the helpof Supreme Army Councils couldn't control the situation in thecountry anymore. Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran onFebruary 1.. History of Iran: Islamic R (MORE)