What was John Smith's purpose for writing about the New World?

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john smith and Bradford purpose for writing
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What was john hersey's purpose in writing Hiroshima?

John Hersey's purpose in writing Hiroshima was to tell the story of what really happened in Hiroshima. Although the memory of Hiroshima was still very much fresh in the minds

What is the purpose of games in brave new world?

The purpose of games in Brave New World is to drive consumption. With games, people would have to spend money and this helps to drive the economy. Besides, people are also dis

What was the purpose of the Catholic Church in the New World?

IT was the same purpose as everywhere else the helping of people, the saving of souls. The corporal and spiritual works of mercy is another way to look at it. If you real
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What is the purpose of conditioning in brave new world?

to produce a society where every one is happy and satisfies in whatthey have. it teaches them to like what they have and hate whatothers have. so, they wont get jealous of eac
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What was purpose of exploring the new world?

Mostly it was finding trading opportunities (North America,starting with the British 1497 expedition financed by RichardAmeryk who may well be the real source of the name "Ame