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What was the message of Thomas Paine's pamphlets The Crisis?

"The Crisis" (The American Crisis) was a series of 16 pamphlets that sought to inspire the Americans to throw off the yoke of English rule. The message was that God is on the

Who was Thomas Paine's wife?

Thomas Paines wife was Mary Lambert. He married her on September 27, 1759.

Who was Thomas Paine's Siblings names?

Thomas Paine, the American author and revolutionary, was an only child for most of his life. When Thomas was two years old, his parents had a second child, Elizabeth - but she

What are the main events in Thomas Paine's life?

Thomas Paines life was very impartant. He convinced many people to side with the Americans. He was very accurate with his facts and he helped the Americans by making many peop

What was Thomas Paine's Common Sense about?

It was about getting the colonists to start a rebellion against Britain and to gain independence from Britain.

How did Thomas Paine's arguments favor independence?

Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet in 1776, Common Sense you might have heard of it from our history books. It was a pro-independence monograph pamphlet Paine published anonymously