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What was an earthquake?

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an earthquake is when two of the earth's tectonic plaits repsition or move. when an earthquake happens there are also normally aftershocks.also some move together to form a mountain or move apart to create crakes in the earh's surface. lastly they are VERRY dangerus normally there are a hundred people dead and mre missing. that is what an earthquake is.
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What can a earthquake do?

Damages brought by earthquakes: 1) People are injured or killed by collasping buildings 2) Buildings and bridges are destroyed, roades are sliped ope nand dams are destroy

What not to do after an earthquake?

stay inside! Large aftershocks are likely and and buildings that were still standing could collapse.

What to do in a earthquake?

Grab an emergency kit and get under a sturdy structure. Cover your head with your hands.

The earthquake is where?

A Earthquake is located where the two plates (a plate boundary) meet and there is to much pressure building up and that is how and where a earthquake is and how it happens.