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What was life like after Christ?

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Life like AFTER Christ? Were living in those days! And I believe we are in the end times! We have gone CRAZY!
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How is Stargirl a Christ-like figure?

  Stargirl helps many people. Example: She puts loose change on the street, she makes cards-homemade-for people who need it, etc.

Who was born like Jesus Christ?

No-one, since He was the Son of God through the virgin Mary. No other human can claim to have been born in this manner.

What are the 9 characteristics of Christ-like love?

1. A Christ like love is not just an emotion, it is also a decision. 2. A Christ like love desires what is best for the other. 3. A Christ like love understands and accepts th

How has Jesus Christ impacted your life?

Jesus Christ has given meaning to my life. He is my strenghth and my salvation. I live every day to bring glory to his name and according to my will. Jesus has provided a way

How was Saint Luke like Jesus Christ?

Before the Day of Pentecost, Luke was like Jesus as the other disciples were like him. Only they believed. But after Pentecost, when the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, was given t

What was Matthews life before and after Christ?

Matthew was a tax collector , so financially he was stable , but the jews hated all tax collectors as they worked for the mighty Romans, but once he met Jesus his life was cha

What does new life in christ mean?

If you have a new life in Christ, it means that you have been saved by God, admitted that you are a sinner, and say that you want Him to forgive you. You are considered a Chri

Who were the eyewitnesses who told of the life of Jesus Christ?

Some say Jesus' disciples Matthew and John wrote accounts of the  time they spent with Jesus on his journeys and the teachings they  heard and miracles they saw. Mark was an

Who wrote the three synoptic reports on the life of Jesus Christ?

The three synoptic gospels are the gospels now known as the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. Although they are attributed to the disciples whose names they now bear, they we

Why did Jesus Christ give his life on the cross?

No one believed him when he said that he was God's son. The people made him do horrible things because they thought he was a liar. Before I continue on, you must understand th

How do you recognize Christ in your everyday life?

When living your everyday life, look at the things that God puts in your life like family and friends.. but to see Christ in your everyday life look at the way u live. if you