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What was the brand name of jeans JC Penney sold in 1950 through 1969?

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I remember my cousin having "Billy the Kid" jeans when we were younger but I don't know if they came from Sears or JC Penney.
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How do you get a JC Penney coupon?

JC Penney coupons are widely available in print, online and via text to mobile device. Customers have the option of signing up online to receive coupons via email and snail ma

Is the JC Penney catalog online?

Yes, the JC Penny catalog can be found online. It offers sales and most products found at the JC Penny stores. It will also tell you where the nearest store is located to you.

What killed jc penney?

If you mean James Cash Penney, founder of the store chain, he was 95 when he fell and broke a hip (December 26, 1970). Shortly after that he suffered a heart attack and never

What state were jc penney stores founded?

  The first J.C. Penney store was in Wyoming, but then it was called the Golden Rule store, they actually didn't name it J.C. Penney until 1913.
Does JC Penney drug test?

Does JC Penney drug test?

I have been an employee over 1 year so far and i never had to take  a drug test, only thing they do is a background check thats it, not  saying that they will randomly drug

Does JC Penney sell furniture?

JC Penney does sell furniture. They have furniture for every room of the house, inclusing home offices. They currently are giving discounts on orders over $1000.

When did JC Penney start to sell JC Penney Furniture?

The first full-line JP Penny store to be located in a shopping center opened it's doors in 1961. Around 1962 The stores began expanding their inventory to include appliances,

Where are Refuge brand jeans sold?

Charolette Russe junior clothing in the US. It's the only place I've found them so far. Does anyone know if they're sold in CANADA?