What was the danger for romeo going to the Capulet's party?

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If he was recognized as a Montague one of the hotheaded Capulets might beat him up. As indeed Tybalt intended to do when he found out who Romeo was.
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Why did Tybalt leave the Capulet's party?

Tybalt leaves the Capulet's party because Romeo and his friendshave shown up, and he is angry that the Capulet's will not make himleave. Tybalt wants to fight Romeo right there, but Lord Capuletstops him and angrily orders him not to ruin the party.

Why does Romeo agrees to go to the Capulets party?

because he found out that rosaline was going to be there. the way he found out was because the capulets servant could not read soo he went out to find someone that could that's when he came across romeo and benvolio. romeo read the list of people at the party and rosaline was on the list

How does Romeo find out about Capulet's feast?

He finds out about the feast because the servant who was delivering all invitations didn't know how to read, so he went up to Mercutio and asked him if he was one of the invitees on the list, Mercutio wasn't but he took the invite anyway, and that's how Romeo found out. one question for you, why are (MORE)

What did they wear at the Capulet's party in romeo and Juliet?

They wore Extravagant Long Dresses for women, they also wore masks resembling animal's and other creature's. Men were expected to wear a Puffy sleeved coat and a nice usually white or red shirt underneath for when they were dancing or just walking around. Most men had gold trimmed cuffs and a very n (MORE)

Why does Romeo not want to go to the party?

He doesn't want to go to the party because he is so depressed about Roseline so he thinks he'll have a terrible time. Also, he had a dream the night before saying that going to the party would lead to his own death (he was right). Also, the host of the party is his worst enemy so going to the party (MORE)

How do romeo and benvolio know about the Capulet's party?

According to one story, the servants were distributing invitations about the gathering. the servant was holding the guest list, but didn't know how to read, so he asked 2 strangers (Romeo and Benvolio) to help him. They obviously found out, and they went.

In scene 4 in Romeo and Juliet why does Romeo say it is not a good idea to go to Capulet's feast?

There are four scene fours in the play. You must state which Act you mean. However since the only scene four that takes place before Capulet's feast is Act 1 Scene 4, I'll assume that is what you mean. In this scene he says, "my mind misgives Some consequence yet hanging in the stars shall bitterly (MORE)

Why does romeo agree to go to the Capulet party?

He bumps into an illiterate servant carrying the guest list to the party, and reads the list for him. He sees the name of Rosaline, the unattainable woman that he is obsessed over in the beginning part of the play, and decides to attend.

What evidence do we have that Romeo went to Capulet's party to see Rosaline?

In the beginning of Romeo and Juliet, it states that he is in love with Rosaline. A little later, the Capulets are having a feast. Romeo thinks it would be a good idea to go, just to see his dear Rosaline. And because he was a Montague, he and his friends wore masks to conceal their identity. At the (MORE)

What purpose does Romeo have for agreeing to go to the party?

When Romeo agreed to go to the party it was so that he could see Rosaline (Juliet's cousin) as he loved dearly but unfortunately she did not return his love hence the reason why he was upset. But Benvolio suggested that he should go to the party to meet new girls and to take his mind off of Rosaline (MORE)

What is the danger of romeo attending the Capulets party?

He's crashing the party. Presumably if the host doesn't like party crashers and finds out he's there he'll get thrown out on his ear. As it happens the host finds out but doesn't care about party crashers even if they are Montagues.

What was Capulet's title in romeo and Juliet?

I'm not sure if this is what you mean but Juliet's father and mother are Lord and Lady Capulet. If you mean what power do they have in Verona, I'm not sure...sorry...I'm not sure it says

How old was Capulet's sister from Romeo and Juliet?

Capulet doesn't have a sister that we are told about. We know that Juliet doesn't have one. We do know that Capulet has a cousin who is about as old as he is, and an uncle who must be old indeed, and that Rosaline is his neice, which means she must be daughter to a brother or sister, unless she, lik (MORE)

Why does romeo finally decide to go to the party?

Romeo deceds to go to the party because he was told by Mercutio to go and compaere the ladies at the party to the "beautiful Rosiline," whom Romeo thought he was in live with before he saw Juilet. Not only this but Rosiline was invited to the party so he wanted to go and see her because he was so he (MORE)

Who convinced romeo to go to the party?

You might think it was Benvolio but it wasn't. Romeo wanted to go to the party to see Rosaline. As soon as he knew she was invited, he wanted to go. He couldn't care less about Benvolio's advice to look at the other girls at the party. "I'll go along, no such sight to be shown, but to rejoice in spl (MORE)