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What was the maximum capacity of the bar in Cheers?

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What is the maximum capacity of flash drive?

It depends on the flash drive you have. I have heard of flash drives as large as 256GB, but there may be larger drives available now. Look at your flash drive; it should have

The sitcom 'cheers' was set in a bar in which city?

The creators of Cheers needed to choose a location. Early discussions centered on Barstow, California, then Kansas City, Missouri. They eventually turned to the East Coast and

Why did cheers bar in London close?

The whole block that Cheers was in (called The Cafe Royal) was closed to make way for a new 6 star hotel called The Cafe Royal Hotel opening end of 2011. Many bars and clubs w

What is the maximum capacity of HDD on PS3?

No there is 2 types of hdd on the ps3 one is for the internal that connects via sata, and the other is external and uses usb. The internal have to be a 2.5 inch drive it basi

Is Cheers a real bar?

There is a bar named Cheers in Boston, but that's not where they filmed the show. The exterior shots are authentic and you do walk down from the sidewalk to enter. In another

What is the maximum capacity for a cloud storage?

Cloud storage is essential for your data security. It is the new  big phenomena these days for the backup for your data. I would  suggest backing up your information with re