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Uss Enterprise, ncc-1701
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Does the Star Trek emblem have a name?

The Star Trek emblem is called aStarfleet Insignia. There are different styles/variations, e.g.   # 24th Century Starfleet Command emblem  # 29th Century Starfleet em

What are some Star Trek ships?

Some basic ships in Star Trek:  Starfleet: Constitution Class, Excelsior Class, Ambassador Class, Galaxy Class, Sovereign Class, Intrepid Class, Defiant Class, NX class, Nova

What was the name of the Star Trek ship?

Enterprise in TNG & Voyager The USS Enterprise appeared in all the movies and most of the series'. It is the ship that the characters usually ride in with the huge, circular

What are James Kirk's signature phrases on Star Trek?

Well, there's only one signature phrase that you hear in just about every episode. That would be "Scotty, beam us up." There was one episode where Kirk did say otherwise. "L

What is the biggest ship in Star Trek?

V'ger was the the largest ship to ever appear in Star Trek. The energy cloud was originally stated to be 82 AUs in diameter (12.3 Billion Kilometers). The distance between

What is capt James T Kirk's middle name?

His middle name is Tiberius. And I'd like all you "fans" to note that Captain Kirk was not always a Captain. He was once upped to the rank of Admiral and therefore he lost th

How do you make an origami Star Trek ship?

To learn how to make an origami of the Enterprise from Star Trek  you'll need to refer to the video tutorial at the related link  below .

What is the fastest ship in Star Trek?

As far as i am aware the fastest ship in Star Trek would be the Intrepid Class, Capable of emergency warp 9.975, However the Voyager crew managed to get a shuttle up to warp 1

What is the strongest ship in Star Trek?

Vger from the motion picture was super powerful, but if we're talking class of ship I'd say Constitution class ships. also powerful are the borg cubes, a dominion mega warsh

What were the names of the captains in Star Trek?

The main character captain names from the Star Trek Films and TV  Series' are:    TOS & animated - James Tiberius Kirk   The Next Generation - Jean Luc Picard 

What are the Names of the baddies on Star Trek?

It depends on which series you are on about.   Original series(Captain Kirk)= Klingons.   The Next Generation(Captain Picard)= Romulans, Borg.   Deep space nine(Capta

Star Trek stars names?

Kirk= William Shatner, Spoc= Leonard Nimoy, McCoy= DeForest Kelly, Scotty= James Doohan, Sulu= George Takei, Uhura= Nichelle Nichols, Chekov= Walter Keonig, Data= Brent Spiner