What was the name of the person who created the heat pump in the 1980s?

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Peter Ritter von Rittinger developed the first heat pump in 1855.. They have been used and in production well before 1980. Hope this helps..
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What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a heating system that applies the principle of refrigeraation to heating homes. These principles are: 1. when a gas is quickly compressed, it's temperature rise

What is heat pump?

A Heat pump is a air conditioning/heating system that utilizes a reversing valve in the refrigerant circut that reverses the flow, and brings the heat in side the home from ou

How Does Heating From A Heat Pump Work?

The heart of the heat pump is the Copeland scroll compressor. The compressor continuously pumps the ozone safe refrigerant from the outside coils to the inside coils. The refr
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