What weapons do soldiers learn to use in Air force Basic Training and what uniforms are assigned in Air force basic?

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The correct term is Airmen, not soldiers. Airmen learn to use the M-16 in basic training and are now issued the ABU (Airman Battle Uniform).
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What nickname is given to US Air Force soldiers?

Airman/men (Notice the title it is capitalized, this is for both Officer and Enlisted personnel). That isn't a nickname, that's what they're called officially. Many branches refer to Airmen as "Flyboys" or, in general, the "Chair Force"

What can you expect in Air Force Basic Training?

"Sir, trainee [ insert surname here ] reports as ordered!" - the reporting statement is the first thing you take with you to training. "All trainees are reminded to drink three non-carbonated, non-caffeinated beverages with each and every meal! All trainees are reminded to utilize the handrail while using the stairwell! All trainees are reminded to carry an operational flashlight in the hours of darkness! We will now sing (very poorly) the Air Force song with pride and motivation!" Basic Military Training (BMT): Eight weeks of pain -- you'll need thick skin. Lots of yelling by TI's (Training Instructors), dorm inspections, PT (Physical Training) every day, sucking your food with a straw. G.I. parties (lots of cleaning), details, attention to details, and more attention to detail. Be prepared for the worst. You are always wrong, even if you're right. Lifestyle -- "Get on your face Boy! Start pushin' crackhead!" "Yes, sir --er, ma'am!" "Shut the pi** up! Do I look like a SIR?!" You will live from Sunday to Sunday, church to church, and meal to meal (they break you down the first 2 weeks, and build you up the rest). The TI's want you to succeed, whether you think so or not -- but if you're just a dirtbag, don't even join the Air Force -- they'll recycle your butt back to Zero Week (the first week of training) and if you are not Air Force material, they'll discharge you at all costs (the Air Force is downsizing) Authority -- submit and do everything you're told; they will break you, so prepare your mind for the mind game. "Give me your 341 and money list!" 341's -- watch out, these little forms are trouble -- anytime you do something obviously wrong, they pull this form and make you sign it later. Money list -- writing down the serials on all your legal tender; try not to bring too much cash or you'll be busy writing all those numbers down. Drills -- lots of marching and facing movements; learn how to march before you depart for Lackland AFB (Air Force Base); stand at attention (this is what you get paid for at Basic); "If you're taller than the (guy) trainee in front of you, tap him on the shoulder and move forward!" (RIGHT FACE!) Repeat. PT (Physical Training) -- Running, push-ups, sit-ups -- more than you would ever believe! It goes beyond your limits. Discipline is necessary physically as well as emotionally, mentally, and certainly spiritually. Start before you decide to join the AF (Air Force); you will need to be fit to fight before you go. Sleep Deprivation -- Go to bed at 2200 and wake up at 0430 -- you're lucky if you sleep this way every night. Beds -- Neat, tight, wrinkle free -- you won't even want to sit on it because of inspections. Sleeping is not really comfortable, and you will tear your bed apart, remake it, and put hospital corners on it all the time. Locker -- neat, clean, organized to perfection; roll your socks, fold your underwear into neat little squares, roll your shirts to perfection, and use a ruler to measure every millimeter. Security Drawer -- part of your locker that requires a key (you wear 24/7 around your neck); an organized drawer of all your hygeine products, personal possessions, and your white and black (laundry marking) clothing marker. Chow -- Eat quickly, still you probably won't finish your meal; 3 minutes is a long time if you even get 3 minutes to eat. Eat all your food in one bite and drink it down with all that water! It's a game when you enter the dining facility. Stand in line, don't look around, eyes straight ahead, hands flat on the tray, side-step, say please and thank you, walk straight around to your section (you'll screw up), get yelled at by the "Snake Pit" of TI's watching you like hawks, they'll jump out of their seats, run at you, and scare the piss out of you. Sit down in your designated seat: "Sit, Eat, and Get OUT!" (Chow runner will tell you this all the time) -- last two people clean up the other two trays. Courtesy is waiting for the table beside you (they were there first) so let them finish and THEN you get up -- this is because eating is like an assembly line. TABLE 1 -- TABLE 2 -- TABLE 3 -- TABLE 4 TABLE 5 -- TABLE 6 -- TABLE 7 -- TABLE 8 Say table 1 and 2 are occupied... as soon as table three sits down, table 1 must clean up and get out. As soon as table 4 sits, table 2 must hurry and leave. If you are feeling too rushed, you may be at table 1, and before table 2 even starts eating -- you get up and leave (for psychological reasons) and you really screw table 2, because now they HAVE to get up and leave before they even touch their food! It's complicated, but you'll learn. If it's real busy, table 1 will still be eating when table 5 is occupied (fast paced) they will tell table 1 to get out immediately (by then, they probably have eaten every last bite)... this doesn't start happening until later in training really, if you're lucky. (you'll gain lots of weight, and that's normal) Wingman concept -- it's a team effort in your dorms; you must rely on everyone, and you must also contribute to the success of those to your right and left (good concept, but it sometimes sucks when it means sacrifice) Phone Calls -- bring a phone card or two or three and a list of phone numbers of loved ones; there will be time to make calls eventually (the first two weeks are the worst, so don't count on contacting the outside world right away) Warrior Week -- it was two weeks of field training in 2006, that may have changed, but either way, it's sleeping on a cot in dirty barracks, crawling through dirt, mud, grime, and using a nasty latrine (bathroom). MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) are neat packages of food that range from 3000-4500 calories of decent food. Don't forget this major aspect of BMT, if you need to remember anything, remember this and tell yourself this every day: It's all a mind game.

Who founded the us air force?

The US Air Force was originally part of the US Army as far back as WWI. Then It was the Army Air Corps. After WWII the Air force became a separate branch of the service in 1947.

Where are the basic training places for air force?

There is only one training place for enlisted members of the AirForce, and it's at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.Some Air Force officer candidates go through Basic Cadet Trainingat the US Air Force Academy outside Colorado Springs, Coloradobefore becoming cadets and ultimately receiving commissions asofficers there (assuming they graduate from the Air Force Academy).

Who is the patron saint of an air force soldier?

Our Lady of Loreto is the Patron Saint of air crew, aviators and the air force

What happens at medical hold in the Air Force Basic Training?

At Medical Hold, you are generally held for observation & evaluation to determine, either your future status (in or out) or held there while you are processed out of the AF for a medical discharge.

What training do you need to have to be in the air force?

The only requirements to join the Air Force are a clean record, good health and a high school diploma. Don't forget about being able to score high enough on the ASVAB; I have a friend that tried to join with me and did not make it due to his ASVAB score being to low. Also, the clean record part is not true; I have 27 charges (no felonies) and was able to join after three waivers. If I can make it anyone can, been here 11 years now and out of trouble. A felony charge will keep you from joining. TSgt. Randy Thornsberry Jr.

When did the US air force start?

18 September 1947 was when the Air Force was officially it's own service. It's roots predate 1947 though. It started with the Aeronautical Division , US army Signal Corps in 1907.

Do you have to jump out a plane for air force training?

No, most Air Force personnel never have jumped out of an airplane or parachuted. Pilots & air crew are required to be trained to parachute. Other Air Force personnel may volunteer to be trained to parachute. The same goes for Navy & Marine aircrews of fixed-wing aircraft.. In the US Army you have to volunteer to be trained to parachute. Annually, the US Army trains several thousand soldiers, airmen, & marines to parachute, mostly at Fort Benning, Georgia. Once trained these military members participate in various types of training at their home bases or away that may involve parachuting.

How do you join the US Air Force?

Go and talk to an "Air Force Recruiter." Look in a phone book to find one. It will most likely be under "Government" in the front of the telephone book

Can you go to basic training for the air force while in high school?

You can go to Air Force basic training while in Jr. High with parental consent. And if you cannot take the stress they issue medical marijuana. Even to minors, they are the military they can do what they want.. -. -. -. -. no no no idk what in gods name made you type this they don't give out medical marijuana especially to minors, as a matter of fact they don't give any out at all its against the law and even the military has laws you d.s.

Who cerated the US air force?

President Harry Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 which established a separate Air Force.

What is air force basic training like?

Its something the soldiers never expected to be. Its a hard training. but youll survive. They make you do things that have to be done by certain amout of time. and time you dont have much.

What all happens at Air force Basic?

Uniform issue, inprocessing to get your paycheck set up to go to the right account as well as turning in a bunch of other paperwork, working out, marching, cleaning, graduation. And a week of "deployment" training now.

What are the answers to the Air Force CBRNE training?

On wiki. Type in the question that you need answered, and hit enter. Voila, wiki will bring you the answer.. IMPORTANT NOTE : . You can access the answers by selecting " No this is not my question, but show me anyway." This will prevent large numbers of misspelled alternates.

Need the best answer for the basic requirements to get a job in air force?

If you are talking about the US Airforce you will as a minimum need to pass a health physical and take an armed services vocational apptitude battery of tests (ASVAB) covering your scores in four critical areas -- Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension and Mathematics Knowledge that count towards your Armed Forces Qualifying Test (AFQT) score. The AFQT score determines whether you're qualified to enlist in the U.S. military.. Your scores in the other areas of the ASVAB will determine how qualified you are for certain military occupational specialties and Enlistment Bonuses. A high score will improve your chances of getting the specialty/job and signing bonus you want. Scoring high on the ASVAB will require study and concentration. Don't skimp on preparing for this test. It's your future. Get the most out of it. You will find the answers to your questions and links to study for the tests here: http://www.military.com/ASVAB

How long after you join the air force until basic training?

That depends on how long you need to wait until a job becomes available. The wait can be anywhere from a few days to a couple of months. Never let a recruiter sell you on heading to basic early with the disguise of your job may open up while you are there.

How many soldiers are in the air force?

Soldiers in the USAF are called "Airmen". See US Air Force for a current strength number.

Can you send priority mail to someone in air force basic training?

As long as there is no boxes, food........ It has to be just letters and pics.

Can you get married during air force basic training graduation weekend?

During training and before graduation it would be difficult to impossible. I do not believe there is any military regulation preventing it though. The best course of action though is to wait until you reach your first duty station, unless that station is overseas. In that event, you should have a short leave time between graduation and the time you are required to report, use this time to get married. keep in mind that most of your paperwork is going to change after marriage: dependents, pay, insurance, power of attorney, etc. And, you as the service member must chase this all down.

What are the basics about the Air Force paying for your college education?

Simply, they pay for your education, and during holidays and weekends you undergo training. When you complete your degree, you then join the service for a set number of years (usually the length of your degree plus 1 or 2 years). After that time, you are free to either continue serving or receive an honourable discharge and find work elsewhere.

What is the regulation for air force pt uniform?

AFI 36-2903, page 24 and 25. However each MAJCOM will have a supplement to this regulation and the individual Base Commanders can implement their own policies on wear of the uniform. Google E-pubs and it will bring up all the regs.

In what city is the US Air Force?

The AF Academy is in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Basic training is in San Antonio, Texas at Lackland AFB. Air Force bases are located all over the USA and around the world.

What happens if you quit air force basic training?

You go to the stockade. It is called dereliction of duty, and is a Courts Marshall offense. If you are talking trainee discharge, you go home in some form of disgrace, and you never serve your country. Ever.

How do you obtain a medical discharge from air force basic training?

You receive an irrepairable injury, or get diagnosed with a condition that would prevent your ready deplyment. As far as the injury goes, keep in mind that self-inflicted injuries will earn you a discharge as well, however there may be a short detour through the gray bar Hilton first, and there will be no medical compensation.

When was the us air force started?

The USAF was established in 1947. From 1941 to 1947, it was known as the United States Army Air Forces and prior to that, it was the US Army Air Corps. . Dark Passenger: The exact date is 18 September, 1947.

How do you get into air force academy after basic training?

Basic Military Training is initial accession training for Enlisted Air Force Personnel. The Air Force Academy is a school for commissioned officers, and as such, after first getting accepted to the Air Force Academy, you must still go through Basic Cadet Training. If you plan on attending the Academy and have the ability to get accepted, I strongly recommend not entering enlisted basic training, as I have heard some graduates joke about how they went through 5 different Basic Trainings: Enlisted Basic, Academy Preparatory School (Where almost all prior enlisted cadets must spend a year before even beginning their 4 years at the Academy) Basic, Air Force Academy Basic, and then twice through the Academy Basic as cadre/instructors. The Air Force Academy application is a long process which includes writing samples, academic resumes, interviews, as well as medical examinations and physical fitness testing. The process of interviews, essays, and resumes is also repeated to acquire a Congressional Nomination to attend. For more specific information on this process, contact an Admission Liaison Officer.

Where can I find PX location of photos from basic training 1968 Amarillo Air Force base in 1968. I want a copy of my basic training photo?

You might try contacting the Air Force and looking for archive footage. That base has been closed since December 1968. You might be lucky enough to find archived photos at Colorado Springs or perhaps the Office of the Air Force at the Pentagon. The air field at Amarillo just isn't there any more. All that is left is the main runway and that is part of the airport in Amarillo, Amarillo International.

What rifle did the Air Force use for basic training in 1962?

In October 1965 I used a M1 Grand in Basic at Lackland it was left over from the Korean war. All the new AR15's were going to Nam.

What happens if someone quits the air force after basic training?

You sign in a contract with the air force. and quitting is not an option. if you want to quit you'll be charged. and you wont be allowed to join the military ever again.

What special forces group has the longest basic training?

US Air Force PJ's(Pararescue Jumpers) and CCT's(CombatController's) training pipelines take more than a year to complete.This training includes scuba diving, static line and free fallparachuting, land navigation, and SERE. PJ's also go on to learnvarious medical skills and become nationally certified asEMT-Paramedics. CCT's also become FAA-certified air trafficcontrollers. Because they often operate with other US SpecialOperations Forces, they must be prepared to work in allenvironments.

Why are there number air forces in the US air force?

Each number represents a large number of personnel and equipment. Numbering them makes it easier to move large units around when needed. Very often you will see two or more numbered Air Force units serving together to accomplish a larger force. During Vietnam I served with the 5th Air force but we also had other numbered Air Forces serving with us on the same base.

Where do you train for the US Air Force?

Lackland military base is located in San Antonio Texas. It is the only Air Force Basic Military Training facility.

What is the basic uniform for a Roman soldier?

First he wore a military tunic that was shorter than the civilian tunic. The military tunic was a couple of inches above the knee whereas the civilian tunic was knee length or lower. The tunic was belted with the balteus , the military belt. On or in his belt he had a daggar, or pugio . His sword was worn on his right side. On his feet he wore the caligae , or military boot. His head had a helmet--various types at various times. He had either chain mail armor or segmented armor, greaves for his lower legs and his shield.

What does Air Force basic training for professionals involve?

Basic training is the same for all recruits, it involves physical conditioning, radio protocol, weapons training, and military indoctrination. There is no "softer" training for a desk jockey as opposed to what line troops receive. The same is true in all military services.

How might you go about ordering a copy of the Lackland Air Force Base basic training yearbook for 1982 and 1983?

There are two likely sources for good information: Basic Training Reception Center 2220 Carswell Avenue Lackland AFB, TX 78235-5570 Phone: (210)671-3024 Email: 737trg.web@ lackland.af.mil (remove the space after @) ...and... 37th Training Wing History Office 2320 Carswell Ave Ste 2 Lackland AFB, TX 78236 Phone: (210) 671-2217

When can a discharged Air Force veteran wear Air Force uniform?

yes an honorably discharged or retired vet may wear it properly for a funeral,or military holiday,military event, ,parade involving the military, ex.veterans day parade.and many other events as authorized by the us military usc code.look it up

When is the us air force birthday?

September 18, 1947 The U.S. Air Force was created by the National Security Act of 1947 and was signed into law by President Harry. S. Truman. Born out of the Army Air Corps, it became a full partner with the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy in defending the country. General Carl A. Spaatz served as the first Air Force Chief of Staff.

How much more freedom do you have in tech training compared to basic training in the air force?

alot more, its the transition from basic to your job. there is three phases you have to earn the third being the most freedom but it depends on the tech school.

Can you switch from marines to air force before basic training?

There is no "switch". That would be like getting hired by WalMart and before you actually start, asking them to swithch you to Target. They are two different companies with different qualification requirements just like the two branches of the military. You would have to tell your Marine recruiter that you no longer want to be a lean, mean, killing machine. And then, once they officially drop you from their DEP or Poolie (delayed enlistment program), go see an Air Force recruiter. Good luck convincing the Marine recruiter that you do not want to be a Marine, especially if you tell them you wanna go into the Air Force. They will give you a hard time for sure. I was an Air Force recruiter for 4 years and am currently on my 16th year in the Air Force.

What was the weapon issued to soldiers in army basic training in the 1950s?

For that time period, it would've been the M1 Garand, which was also the standard service rifle of the time period.

What happen if an army soldier marry an air force soldier?

There are no soldiers in the Air Force - soldier is a term exclusive to the Army. Airman is the term for Air Force personnel. As for what happens.. they become a married couple, the same as if anyone else gets married. Depending on a number of circumstances, it may or may not lead to measures being taken to ensure that they are stationed together - however, this cannot be guaranteed.

While in the air force 1955 thu 1959 what station or bases did Morgan Freeman serve at. where did he take air force basic training.?

in 1955 there were two basic training bases . Sampson AFB geneva,new york and lackland AFB, TeX

Why did the air force select blue uniforms?

The blue uniforms were different from the colors used by the other services and were suggestive of the blue sky where the air force operates.

Do armed forces chaplains go through basic training?

Personnel that join the military as officers (doctors, dentists, ministers, lawyers) attend a basic officer's branch course instead of basic combat training.

What is the basic weapon of the infantry soldier?

Depending on unit, the M4 or M4A1 carbine, or else the M16 rifle (A2, A4, or A5 models, again dependent on unit).

Where does the US Air Force train their Firemen?

The US air Force currently trains all branches of firemen and firewomen at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo Texas. Prior to that all the Air Force training was done at Chanute AFB Illinois.

Where do the air force snipers go to train?

Air Force Snipers train And get certified with the Army Snipers at Camp Robinson located in Little Rock Arkansas. Air Force Snipers are Just as elite as everybody else that is a Sniper in the military. Air Force Snipers conduct offensive And defensive missions overseas in a combat zone. They are often called upon to back up Army Rangers, The 82nd, Cct, Tacp And other Air Force/ Army troops during convoy And combat operations in the Middle East. Semper Fi Sgt Justin Davis - Scout Sniper - Combat Veteran United States Marine Corps Operation Enduring Iraq Freedom Veteran(1998-2002) Defensor Fortis United States Air Force Security Forces Operation Enduring Freedom Combat Veteran(2002-2008)

Can you get sent home from air force basic training?

You can be discharged if you are found to be unqualified to be in the Air Force.

Do you have to go through basic training again for the air force reserves if you all ready served active duty?

No, you shouldn't. There may be a length of separation where it does become a requirement - you'll need to check with a recruiter about this.