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What were important long term contributions of ancient Greek and roman civilizations primarily found in?

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government and law
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The ancient Romans contributed two important concepts to politics citizenship and?

The ancient Romans contributed two important concepts to politics: citizenship and written laws. Written laws make it easier for everyone to know what kind of behavior is allo

What are the key achievements and contributions of ancient Romans civilization?

The main legacies of the Romans are religion, the alphabet, language, law and art. Christianity developed from a religion among a small group of Jews (who lived in Judea, wh

What did Homer do that was important the ancient greek civilization?

He wrote The Iliad and The Odyssey. Not only did he write the Iliad and the Odyssey... He helped to organize the pantheon of Greek gods, he gave the Greeks role models to liv

How important were the Greek gods to the citizens and what role did religion play in ancient Greek civilization?

Greek life centered around religion, and every problem had a god or goddess to fix it. The great majority of the Greek oral tradition was about the gods. The intricate mytholo