What were the four major wars referred to by Eisenhower in his famous Military Industrial Complex farewell speech?

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WWI WW2 Korea Chinese Civil War
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What is the military industrial complex?

Answer . The military industrial complex is basically the symbiotic relationship between big business and the US Military. Since technology is constantly being updated, th

How did World War 2 foster the military industrial complex?

World War 2 was the greatest effort of military armament production in the history of the World and the United States. There has never been another effort as large and widespr

What was Eisenhower's warning about the military industrial complex?

Eisenhower was concerned that many industries had become dependent on the armed services as a purchaser for their products, and would lobby for unnecessary defense expenditure

In presidents Eisenhowers farewell speech why did he use the word countrymen?

The term "fellow countrymen" was as common as saying, "...good morning gentlemen..." in the military (or for the speedway, "GENTLEMAN, START YOUR ENGINES!"); from 1776 until t
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Why is military-industrial complex bad?

The military-industrial complex builds war supplies and sells those supplies. The only entity that can buy those supplies is the government. President Eisenhower warned that t
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What is the concept of a military industrial complex about?

The idea behind the concept of a military industrial complex is that there is an artificial lengthening or causation of wars by a government so that a private military company