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What were the names of Saint Clomba's parents?

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There is no saint named Clomba.
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Is Elaine an Orthodox saint name?

Elaine is indeed an Orthodox saint's name, as it is derived from the name Helen. St. Helen was the mother of St. Constantine the Great. Together, the two of them "discovered"

What is the full name of Saint Rita?

St. Rita's birth name was Margarita Lotti of Cascia.

Is there a saint named Naomi?

Yes, in fact, there was a saint named Naomi. It is  a very, very beautiful name for a beautiful, holy saint. She, along  with her daughter-in-law, Ruth, are thought to portr

How do your parents name you?

Some cultures use a name from the family's history, such as when a male child is named after his father or grandfather (John Smith, John Smith Junior, John Smith III). Other c

Is there a saint named Lara?

Actually, "yes." Saint Salvador LARA Puente (1905-1926) Seminarian at Durango. Forced to drop out to help support his family financially. Assisted Saint Luis Batiz in his par

Does your confirmation name have to be a saints name?

Usually it is customary in English-speaking Catholic religions. There is nothing written in the "Rite of Confirmation" (a liturgical book designed as a template for the ceremo

What are his parents name?

His parents names are miachael and chloe

How did Saint Augustine get its name?

St. Augustine got its name from the Spaniards. They named it after the Feast of St Augustine because it was around the same time that the feast was.

How do you pick a saint name for confirmation?

Pick the name of a family member that you admire-- a parent, sibling, grandparent, anyone, really, as long as the name is appropriate. This is a nice way to show respect, and