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What were the names of Saint Clomba's parents?

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There is no saint named Clomba.
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If Saint Patrick's parents are Italian why is he Irish?

Saint Patrick's parents, Calphurnius and Conchessa, were Roman citizens living in Britain. Patrick's father was a high Roman diplomat. Britain was part of the Roman empire a

Is there a Catholic saint named Saint Kimberley?

I can find no reference to any saint named Kimberley - sorry.

Does your confirmation name have to be a saints name?

Usually it is customary in English-speaking Catholic religions. There is nothing written in the "Rite of Confirmation" (a liturgical book designed as a template for the ceremo

What were the names of the parents of Saint Dominic Savio?

Dominic Savio's mother was known as Momma Margaret.    His parents were Carlo and Brigida Savio. 

Is the name Shined a saint name?

There is no saint named Shined.

What nationalities were Saint Patrick's parents?

Patrick's parents were Romans living in Roman Britain - Scotland or Wales.

Is there parental controls for Saints Row on Xbox?

There aren't MANY games that have the ability to use parental controls for separate games, however, there IS a feature to globally add parental controls so that the child cann

Who were Saint Dominic de Guzman's parents?

Dominic de Guzman was born of wealthy Spanish nobility, the son of Blessed Joan of Aza.
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Why was Saint Blaise named a saint?

Saint Blaise died as a martyr - a 'first class ticket' tosainthood.