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What were the new inventions of 1900-1910?

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The telephone,aircraft auto pilot, traffic light, fridge , the zipper, and tin foil was replaced by aluminum. The transatlantic wireless communication (Marconi), the automobile, the newspaper began to be sold town wide to everyone, there are many more.
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What inventions were invented in the 1900's?

Some inventions of the 1900's include: 1901 - vacuum cleaner 1902- air conditioner 1903- electrocardiograph 1904- tractor 1905- radio tube diode 1906- sonar 19

What is the word for inventing a new word?

Inventing a word is called "coining", in likeness to the way a government coins money by stamping out metal disks. The expression "to coin a phrase" means to invent a new ph

What are new inventions in robotics?

New inventions are being created everyday in robotics. Some recent robotic inventions include: PaPeRo, ASIMO, and various artificial life robots.

What was invented in 1900?

in the 1900 there were many new things that were invented, such as the, assembly line for cars, new dance called the Charleston, Flapper girls, Mafia, Beer, Dance clubs, Jazz,

Inventions in 1910?

Thomas Edison demonstrated the first talking motion picture in  1910, paving the way for the movies of today. The first neon lamp  was demonstrated to the public on December