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What were the positive effects of technology during world war 2?

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Technology during World War II opened up an entirely new door into what the enemy was doing in areas in which they were once hidden. New pesticides, nuclear technology, and jet engines made the fight faster than it had been in the first World War.
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What technology was used during the World War 2?

WW2 introduced a whole range of newer technology. these are some of them Tanks were better armoured, had more powerful weapons and were much faster. The Germans had the advant

What were the short and long term effects on Poland and the Poles during and after World War 2?

Answer   * Poland suffered more damage in WW2 than any West European country. Warsaw, the capital, was almost completely destroyed.   * About six million Poles (mainly

How did Ford help the war effect during World War 1 and World War 2?

Henry Ford used his auto manufacturing plants to help the US build planes, Jeeps and many parts for planes and other items in both wars. In World War 2 he also BUILT a special

What are the effects of the World War 2?

World War II had many effects on the world. The United States moved  from being an isolationist nation to the "world's police force," as  it still is today. The Cold War sta

What position did Winston Churchill hold in Great Britain during World War 2?

He was the Prime minister from may 10th 1940-1945 then was voted off because Churchill was more of a war leader than a peace leader. then in October 1951 he became prime minis

What were the positive effects of World War 1?

Canada became it's own nation and was recognized for it's part in the war. Also, all Canadians who bought Victory Bonds got a 5.5% incentive (eventually). we also have a great

How did world war 2 affect technology?

"Technology" is not a thing, nor even a specific field of study. So, on the face of it, you are asking an unanswerable question, because what you are after can't be defined.

What were the positive effects of European appeasement in World War 2?

%REPLIES%    Answer   NONE. If the policy of appeasement had not been followed by Britain and France, WWII might not have happened. If either country had been will

What technological advances were made during World War 2?

  In no particular order................   RADAR, SONAR, the proximity fuse, sulfa drugs, blood transfusion, the Jeep, jet engines, dehydrated foods, parachute and gl

What position did the US Congress take during the early years of World War 2?

The United States Congress was firmly in support of war against Japan since the US was attacked first. Elements in the US Congress were more reluctant to go to war against Ger

What was the cause and effect of Superman during World War 2?

I can only tell you what was derived from a TV documentary about comic books which I watched in the 1990's. After World War 2 was over, comic book superheroes lost their propa

How did technology change during World War 1?

Technology did not really change so much during World War 1,  but this was the first war that made extensive use of all the  technologies previously developed between the 18