What were the two most influential early civilizations on the European continent?

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The Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.
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Which European culture is the most influential in Latin America?

I like when an American person asks a question and then another American answers it. First of all the guy who asked the question answered it right away what European culture i

Who are the the 25 most influential people in European history?

I would say that number one is Johannas Gutenberg. He invented the printing press with movable type. This was a groundbreaking invention, and without him, and the printing pre

Paul was the most influential early what?

Evangelical. Not apostle, as he never met Jesus; however, one could say he was the most influential missionary. Also, one could argue he was an influential latent homosexual.

Which ancient civilization was the most influential?

The Ancient Hellenic (Greek) civilizations. They gave us the ideas of a republic and governance as well as learning and philosophy. They laid the foundations of modern science