What wire do I need for a dishwasher up to 20 amps?

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12 awg .
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Can a dishwasher and disposal share a dedicated 20 amp circuit?

Original answer: Yes! I did this in my Kitchen USSEG: It really comes down to how much amp each of the appliances is going to use at peak. You need to look at the emperage

What wire is needed to 20 amp load 90 feet?

Wire sizing charts are available on the web. For your situation, use at least 12 gague wire.. See also, this helpful chart: http://www.worldchat.com/~sva-sales/html/wire_sizi

Do you need to hook up the remote wire on your car amp?

Yes a remote wire is necessary. You must wire the remote wire from the amp to and ignition source of power (a component which turns on when the ignition in the car is engaged.

Which size wire and breaker do you need for a dishwasher?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hertz supply service. A dedicated circuit of #14 copper wire fed from a 15 amp single pole breaker is all that is needed for

How do you wire a contactor 20 amp?

A contactor is nothing more than a switch but it is electrically operated instead of mechanically operated as you would find with snap switches in your home. As with any swi