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What words do not have rhymes?

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Month, silver, orange, (door hinge does not rhyme with orange), and purple.

Another opinion:

I can prove this wrong:
Month rhymes with hunth, an abbreviation for hundred thousand.
Silver rhymes with chilver, a female lamb, and the given name Wilver.
Orange rhymes with the Blorenge, a hill in Wales, and Gorringe, a family name, and for some people sporange, which is a plant, fungal, or algal structure producing and containing spores.
Purple rhymes with curple (the hindquarters of a horse) and hirple (to walk with a limp).
As you can see, all of those 4 words have rhymes.

Another opinion:

I think that "billionth" and "millionth" rhyme well with "month". And I do believe that "door hinge" does rhyme with "orange".

Also, in rhymes, a good poet can be forgiven much, and can be given the benefit of the doubt. "sits well" with "purple". Or "demur" with "silver".
"Orange" has always been pronounced OR-INJ for as long as I've lived. Some people pronounce it AR-INJ, but I've rarely heard anyone pronounce it that way. If you break the word down into syllables, it's OR and ANGE. I don't know why anyone would pronounce OR as ARE. That makes no sense phonetically.

Thus, the words forage, storage, and porridge all rhyme with "orange". Perfect rhymes.

Oxford failed to take into account that English words typically have more than one pronunciation, depending on the dialect. Example: toe-may-toe "tomato" vs. toe-mah-toe, as in the famous song. Apparently the Oxford scholars have never been to Massachusetts.

Oxford: FAIL.

Nurple - an insult in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
It's not in the dictionary, but it has been used before!
There are no words in the English dictionary that rhyme with orange or purple, however, there are made-up words that rhyme with them. There may also be foreign language words that they rhyme with which may be useful in the event of needing to use them in poems or songs.
None have any words, syllables, phrases, mono-phrases, suffixes and or prefixes that rhyme with them! Go ahead, try it!
nothing rhymes with orange
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How do words rhyme?

Words that rhyme are words which when spoken have the same sound as each other such as lied and tried or bear and care.

What rhymes with word?

Bird, curd, gird, heard, herd, nerd, stirred, cured, absurd, deferred, turd, conjured, injured, occurred, perjured, pictured, purred, recurred, slurred, spurred, third, whirre

Which word is rhyming with you?

accrue, achoo, ado, adieu, anew, blew, blue, boo, breakthrough, brew, bugaboo, canoe, chew, clue, cock-a-doodle-doo, coo, coup, coups, crew, cue, dew, do, drew, due, esche