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What is the metric prefix denoting 1000X?

Kilo is a French word from Greek khilioi meaning  "thousand."    Some examples of the prefix "kilo":    kilogram = 1,000 grams   kilometer = 1,000 meters

The metric prefix denoting 1000X is what?

Kilo is the metric prefix that means 1,000x. It is a French  word from Greek khilioi meaning "thousand."    Examples:   kilogram = 1,000 grams   kilometer = 1,

The metric prefix denoting 1000x is?

kilo-? it's a prefix so I think it'll work

Is first a prefix?

First is not a prefix. It can not go in front of a root word.

What would a pH of 4 denote?

It would be an acid since it is less then 7. Also, it is typically a weak acid since is it near a pH of 7 which is a neutral solution. acid