What would be the prefix denoting first?

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What prefix is used to denote 1000?

In the metric system each factor of 10 increase is denoted with aterm. For example, 10 is designated deca, 100 is hecto, and 1000 iskilo.

The metric prefix denoting 1000X is what?

Kilo is the metric prefix that means 1,000x. It is a Frenchword from Greek khilioi meaning "thousand." Examples: kilogram = 1,000 grams kilometer = 1,000 meters

A pH of 7 would denote what?

A pH of 7 would indicate that something is neutral or neutralized.This pH is exceptionally important to note in certain chemicalreactions.

Is plasmo the prefix denoting relationship to the blood?

No. The prefix 'heme' or 'hemo' denotes blood. Plasma is the clear straw-coloured component of the blood. The prefix meaning plasma is 'sere' or 'sero'. The prefix 'plasm' is
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What would a pH of 4 denote?

It would be an acid since it is less then 7. Also, it is typically a weak acid since is it near a pH of 7 which is a neutral solution. acid
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Is first a prefix?

First is not a prefix. It can not go in front of a root word.
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What does the prefix exa denote numerically?

Exa denotes a value of 10 to the power of 18. If one would have "1 exa" apples, for example, one would have 10 ^ 18 apples. 2 exa apples is 2 * 10 ^ 18 apples.