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What would happen if the earth rotate faster?

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1). The day would be shorter than 24 hours. 2). There would be more days in a year. 3). Areas of atmospheric high- and low-pressure would be more pronounced, with higher winds and more active weather systems surrounding them. 4). Theoretically, all objects would appear to weigh less than they do now. #1, #2, and #3 would be very noticeable. #4 would not be very noticeable unless the earth rotated MUCH faster than it does now. Some possible effects that are "farther out": -- increased earthquake and volcanic activity, and changes in terrestrial magnetic field behavior, over geologic time periods, due to modified internal heat generation and distribution caused by increased tidal friction; -- increased rate of rotational de-celeration, also due to increased tidal effects; -- increased rate of expansion of the moon's orbital distance, due to accelerated rate of exchange of angular momentum within the 2-body system.
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