What would happen if the earth rotate faster?

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1). The day would be shorter than 24 hours. 2). There would be more days in a year. 3). Areas of atmospheric high- and low-pressure would be more pronounced, with higher winds and more active weather systems surrounding them. 4). Theoretically, all objects would appear to weigh less than they do now. #1, #2, and #3 would be very noticeable. #4 would not be very noticeable unless the earth rotated MUCH faster than it does now. Some possible effects that are "farther out": -- increased earthquake and volcanic activity, and changes in terrestrial magnetic field behavior, over geologic time periods, due to modified internal heat generation and distribution caused by increased tidal friction; -- increased rate of rotational de-celeration, also due to increased tidal effects; -- increased rate of expansion of the moon's orbital distance, due to accelerated rate of exchange of angular momentum within the 2-body system.
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Does the sun rotate faster than the Earth?

According to the sunspots of our Sun, no, the Earth rotates faster than the Sun. The Sun rotates at once within 27 days at the equator, but rotates within 31 days at once when in the poles.

Does the moon rotate faster than earth?

Not at all. The Moon always shows the same half towards the Earth, while the Earth rotates every day (that is one definition of a "day", in fact). The Moon revolves around the Earth once in 27.3 days. Since the Moon always has the same side to the Earth, and it revolves around the Earth once in (MORE)

Which rotates faster sun or earth?

The earth rotates on it's axis faster than the sun. We rotate once per day. The sun rotates at different rates as it is not solid it is made up of gas and plasma. The Equator of the sun rotates once every 25 days and the poles once every 36 days.

What would happen if the moon did not rotate as it revolved around the earth?

A change in the speed of rotation of the moon would have little effect. Tides on earth would be the same. The pattern of waxing and waning crescent would be the same. Perhaps the most obvious difference is that, if the moon were not tidally locked to the earth, there would be no "unknown side (MORE)

Why earth rotation is faster at equator?

The circumferance of the equator is greater than that at other points (relative to the rotating axis) so it has to travel further in the same amount of time.. Harry F

What would happen if an impact caused earth to stop rotating?

If an impact caused the earth to stop rotating it would have already caused damage. For example: If a meteor hit the earth it would crack the earth into pieces, therefore we would be frozen in the darkness for half a year and toasted from the sun the other half.

What would happen if earth rotated in the opposite direction?

There are two circumstances: If the Moon circled the Earth in the same direction (east to west), there would be overall directional changes: -- The sun, moon, and stars would all appear to rise in the west and set in the east. -- The sequence of the constellations of the Zodiac would be reve (MORE)

What would happen when the earth is rotating?

What do you mean? Earth rotates already. And u can see the stuff that happens. When the Earth is rotating the same things happen as are happening now (presumably). However, should the earth rotate, gardeners (among others) would become very dizzy!

What would happen if earths rotation equaled 365 days?

well we will have a 182.5 days of daylight and the same of days as night. well its too long a day and too long a night to imagine. Thakur Suraj Singh . Another answer: . This depends on what rotation you are asking about. Keep in mind, the earth "rotates" on its axis every 24 hours. The earth "rev (MORE)

What would happen if the speed of the Earths rotation or revolution increase?

If rotation speed increased: The length of the day would be less than 24 hours; there would be more days in a year, and more days in a cycle of moon phases. If revolution speed increased: The length of the year would be shorter; there would be fewer days in a year and also in each season. The leng (MORE)

If earth were not rotating what would happen?

-- Daylight would be 6 months long, and it would get much hotter during the day. -- Night-time darkness would also be 6 months long, and it would get much colder during the night. -- Weather systems would not circulate. Winds would blow straight into low-pressure centers, and straight out o (MORE)

What would happen if Earth orbited the sun but did not rotate on its axis?

-- Wherever you live, you would see the sun rise in the west,cross the sky very slowly, and set in the east six months later. Every place on Earthwould have six months of daylight and six months of dark. -- During the dark six months, you would see half of all the starsthere are, standing rock-stea (MORE)

What would happen if the earth didn't rotate the sun?

If you mean "the earth didn't orbit the sun", it would do one of two things depending on it's speed and direction. 1. It would spiral into the sun and burn up. 2. It would go off into outer space and freeze solid.

What would happen if earth rotate slowly?

It firstly depends how slow,as slower it rotates bigger the difference of daily temperatures especially around Equator,where most of the cyclones are formed. Always slower rotation would mean the cyclones of unprecedented strengths and unpredictability.

What would happen if the earth moved faster than the sun?

Firstly the Sun does move, it orbits around Sagittarius A. The super massive black hole in the center of are Milky Way Galaxy. If the Earth was to orbit the sun with a greater velocity it would escape the Sun's gravity and go through the universe until it collided with another object, until it was (MORE)

What would happen if earth moved faster than sun?

Assuming it did not reachb escape velocity, their relationship would stay the same in general. However, if escape velocity was exceeded the Earth would go hurtling into the depths of space. It could conceivably be snagged by another star's gravitational field, however that is both unlikely and littl (MORE)

What would happen to tides if Earth stopped rotating?

We wouldn't care, because the amount of energy it would take to stop the Earth from spinning would destroy the planet anyway. Eventually, billions of years from now, IF the Earth and Moon survive the expansion of the Sun into a red giant, the Earth's rotation will slow down and the Earth will bec (MORE)

If the earth rotated 10 times faster would you be weightless?

equator gives maximum centripetal force at any revs say mass = 70 kg acceleration due to gravity = 9.807 (m/s)/s your force due to gravity = 686.5 newtons radius at equator = 6 371 000 metres circumference at equator = 40 030 174 metres time for 1 rotation = 86 164 seconds (sidereal d (MORE)

What would happen if the earth had a faster revolution?

If the Earth had a faster revolution then we would be sucked into the Sun. The sun has gravity, that is what makes the planets orbit it. All the planets are orbiting in a circular motion. Have you ever thought how come the planets never bump into each other~? It is because they are orbiting the sun (MORE)

What do you think would happen if the Earth stopped rotating?

If the Earth stopped rotating, one half of the world would be in daylight all the time, and the other half would be night all the time, and this would have unfortunate consequences. Half the world would overheat very badly while the other half would freeze. Very strong winds would be created as well (MORE)

What would happen if Venus had a rotation rate similar to Earths and How would the surface have developed?

We cannot be sure of what factors caused the atmosphere of Venus to be so thick and corrosive and hot. Certainly, being much closer to the Sun contributes to the heat, but Venus is even hotter than Mercury! Venus has a very slow rotation; in fact, the "day" is longer than the "year"! Finally, Venu (MORE)

What would have happened if the earth rotated from east to west?

If it had always rotated the other way things would probably besimilar although the continents might not have identical shapes towhat they are now *************************************** When a vehicle suddenly stops, the passengers are thrown forward -it is called momentum. If the earth suddenly re (MORE)

What would happen if the earth began to rotate slower?

If we are talking about the earths rotation on its own axis then: . Days would be longer, Summer days may be hotter and winternights colder as the face of the earth is either exposed to the sunfor more or less time. . Weather patterns would be affected (affecting global weather,sea currents, win (MORE)

What would happen if the earth stopped rotating and revolving?

If the earth stopped revolving, it would be drawn into the sun. It could crash into Venus or Mercury on its way into the Sun, or it could just crash into the sun and be vaporised. In the circumstances, whether or not it stopped rotating is a bit irrelevant. Nevertheless, since you asked, one side (MORE)

What would happen if earth were to rotate more slowly on its axis?

The rotation speed is a random choice set up by the way the Earthformed from a cloud of rocks. But once it is set, it stays the samefor millions of years. With a slower rotation speed the day would obviously be longer sothe extremes of temperature between day and night would be larger.That might hav (MORE)

Would the days be shorter if the earth rotated faster?

Yes they would. Indeed in past Geological times (eg the Devonianera), there were 404 days in the year. This was because the Earthwas spinning a loft faster then. What slows the Earth's spin is thepull of the Moon on Earth's Oceans. This cause the Moon to speed up(recede form the Earth) and the Earth (MORE)