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What would most likely trigger a climate change that could lead into a mass extinction?

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Two hundred years of burning fossil fuels is already triggering a climate change that could lead to a mass extinction of all life on Earth.
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Earth's collision with a huge asteroid. All of the volcanoes exploding at once would also. Volcanic outgassing
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How can a change in climate cause extinction?

There are a lot of reasons. One is a big cloud (like one resulting from massive volcanic activity or the impact of a large asteroid) can block the Sun and plants would not s

What would survive in a mass extinction?

Typically, cold-blooded animals are more likely to survive mass extinctions than their warmblooded counterparts. Animals who are lower in the food chain are also more likely t

Global climate change is most likely the result of?

Increased levels of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, produced by  the burning of fossil fuels for transport and the production of  electricity over the past 200 years.

What could cause a mass extinction?

Any event that significantly changes the environment of a particular species can cause them to become endangered or even to become extinct. If the temperature of the earth's a

What is the most recent mass extinction?

It's happening right now. The human race has or is about to wipe out as many species as the meteorite that hit the planet 65 million years ago and ended the reign of the dinos

What is most likely to cause a mass extinction?

In order to cause a mass extinction, something has to happen with worldwide (or nearly so) effects. In at least two of the mass extinction events for which we've determined a
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What is most likely to cause widespread change in the climate on earth?

The main cause - is that we're still 'emerging' from the last  ice-age... therefore temperatures will continue to rise. HOWEVER -  the pollution emitted by man-made sources