What year was Iraq called Iraq?

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The term Iraq has existed as a regional term in Arabic for Mesopotamia more or less since the Arab conquest of Mesopotamia in the 7th century C.E. However, as the name of an independent or quasi-independent region, it only gained the name Iraq in 1919, when it was designated as the British Mandate for Iraq.
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Where is Iraq?

It's in the Middle East; between Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc. Check a map of the Middle East for more info. It is located in the middle east Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf, between Iran and Kuwait. 34 o 00 N, 43 o 00 E Iraq is on the continent of Asia . It is also on a sub-c (MORE)

Why is Iraq called Iraq?

Iraq in Arabic (which is the official language there) means the land between the 2 rivers. it also means the land in which its green grass stretches out until it almost looks black.

How many soldiers die each year in Iraq?

In the first couple of years when the war first started, about 1,440 died in one year. But now its about 204 a year. . this should not be the answer to this question who ever type this if i know you i will beat you up okay........i need a specific answer you know the numbers......

Why are we in Iraq?

for oil. the official reason is that we are trying to establish democracy/peace there (Iraq never asked us for democracy, that isn't necessarily the best form of govt.). 2nd answer: Not for oil. After the war started, Iraq did not pump any oil for years, and is now only starting to pump some oil. (MORE)

Were is Iraq?

Iraq is in some part of Asia, you should look on google to look for a map for asia. . Iraq is part of the Middle East, which is part of Asia.. It is:. South of eastern Turkey. West of Iran (Persia). North/West of the Persian Gulf (a sea, not a country). North of Sad Arabia & Kuwait. East of (MORE)

Why is it called the War in Iraq?

The war in Iraq is called this because the war is within Iraq, itsnot with any other country. Iraq is having civil wars. Iraq can notstabilize their government or economy.

What year did us invade Iraq?

The United States invaded the country of Iraq on March 19, 2003.The invasion lasted until May of the same year. The number oftroops involved from the US was 148,000.

Why is Mesopotamia now called Iraq?

Answer 1 Iraq has nothing to do with any Arabic words. It comes from the Pahlavi (middle Iranian language) Arak, which means "lowland". Iraq has been ruled by people from what is now Iran including non-Indo-European Kasistes, Gutians and Lullubi and Indo-European Medes, Achaemenid Persians, Scy (MORE)

What is the outcome for Iraq in the Iraq war?

The outcome of this war for Iraq will ultimately mean freedom. America (with allied help) has freed Iraq of their tyrant leader and is aiding them with the creation of an army and new government. Unless President Obama pulls American troops out too early, in which case the people of Iraq will suffer (MORE)

My boyfriend is in Iraq and calls every night Does that cost me money?

The most common way for soldiers to call home is on pay phones with calling cards, so that shouldn't cost you anything (unless, of course, you send him phone cards to use).. If he is calling you on your cell phone, the call will use minutes from your plan, but that shouldn't necessarily cost you (m (MORE)

Is Call of Duty 4 in Iraq?

no call of duty 4 is not in Iraq. Like the us, Iraq has video games that aren't in the us-that is, if they even have money to buy a video game.

What is the war between Iraq and US called?

It could be called the "war in Iraq"...it cannot be called the war against Iraq, because the US is NOT at war with Iraq. The US is trying to restore law, order and stability to the Iraqi government/and region.

When did Iraq get the name Iraq?

Al-Iraq literally means "the land between [the two] rivers" in Arabic. The name comes as a result of the Arabic translation of the region's former Greek Name "Mesopotamia" which means exactly the same thing. The name Al-Iraq (in the Arabic) to refer to the territory first became commonly used in the (MORE)

What Iraq used to be called?

Iraq, Iran, and some of the surrounding area used to be called Persia. It USED to be called Babylon or Mesopotamia. . Yes it used to be called Mesopotamia.

What year was the Iraq-Kuwait war?

The Iraq-Kuwait war took place from 1990 until 1998.. However, if the question is referring to the initial Iraqi offensive when 100,000 Iraqi troops, backed by 300 tanks, invaded Kuwait in the Persian Gulf, this took place on 2 August 1990, and lasted for six weeks.

What day and year did troops go to Iraq?

\nThe Current Iraq war began on March 20,2003 when collation forces entered Iraq from the south mainly. However if your asking about in general then in 1991 during the gulf war collation forces led by the US pushed Iraqi forces out of Kuwait and back into Iraq.

What kind of country will Iraq be in five years?

Quite bad, the American occupation has increased violence and decreased the standard of living. Many of the skilled/rich people who can afford it have left the country to flee from the violence. The kurds in the north have set up an autonomous region, its only a matter of time before they go ind (MORE)

When did Iraq become Iraq?

In 1932, Britain granted independence to Iraq. They established Iraq as a Kingdom and later a Republic intentionally to cause religious strife within the country between the three tribes to prevent a rise of power in Iraq.

Which year did Britain invade Iraq?

In which year? Britain has had it's fingers into Persia and her neighbours for centuries, but assuming you mean when the US illegally invaded it last time, the UK (not just Britain) and many other nations illegally invaded it the same year, 2003. So much for "international law".

How many iraq soldiers are in iraq?

Well this question needs to be more specific as in American Soldiers, British Soliders.. But I assume you mean American Soldiers and there are about 20,000 left. As of November 25, 2011.

What is the first us invasion of Iraq called?

The Gulf War or Desert Shield/Desert Storm. That one, by the way, wasn't an invasion of Iraq - the only objective was to push the Iraqis out of Kuwait. Once that was achieved, it was pretty much done with.

What do you call the war over in Iraq?

It is called the Iraq War or Occupation of Iraq and also the Second Gulf War. The American troops have recently pulled out on the 19th of August 2010. Much to the relief of many Americans.

How are prayers called in Iraq?

In Iraq prayers are called by the athann which is the call to prayer from the mosque from the imann ,the man who leads prayers.

What do you call a citizen of Iraq?

A citizen of Iraq is an Iraqi. However, most Iraqis inside Iraq identify by Tribe or by Religion as opposed to most Americans inside of America which identify by State, County, or City.

Why did the Iran-Iraq War stretch on for eight years?

LONG story: First off, in a way they both started it, Americans and the Irani's and Iraqi's, it was a little argument to begin with, something to do with oil, they thought we have been taking there oil supplies illegally and they weren't happy, it is also to do with A LOT of people blaming the Musli (MORE)

What year was Iraq discovered?

No one "discovered" Iraq. People have been living thousands of years. Iraq was once called Persia and Alexander the Great was its king.

How do you say Iraq in Iraq?

Iraq is not a language. Iraqis speak Arabic and the name for Iraq in Arabic is Al-Iraq which is pronounced Al-ee-raw-k.

What was a cause of the Iraq-Iraq war?

There is no such thing as an Iraq-Iraq War. Iran-Iraq War If the question intends to ask about the Iran-Iraq War of1980-1988, several causes of that war include: . Oil-rich regions along the border and access to the PersianGulf. . Religion: Saddam Hussein was a Secular Sunni and RuhollahKhomein (MORE)

What year was the Iraq War won?

The Iraq War was not a winnable war for any party because therewere no "objectives" that either side was trying to meet. SaddamHussein was trying to stay in power and failed. The United Statestried to build a nation with moderate success, but eventually leftthe Iraqis to finish the project. The Iraq (MORE)

Is Babylon called Iraq today?

Not really. The land which was part of the Babylonian Empire is mostly contained in modern Iraq now but culturally and territorially they two aren't much alike. Iraq is territorially a construct from the colonial period, and culturally influenced by Arabic, Islamic and Persian states (and a bunch (MORE)