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When you love someone, your love for them grows each day. you cant imagine a life without them. Every day you feel your heart has reached its largest point and the next day it grows yet again for this person. They become as much a part of you as you are, you love them. When you are in love with somebody, it would most likely be your spouse. You can show your appreciation for each other easily. You feel the same way you do when you love each other but it's more than that. You will spend the rest of your life together and they become a giant part of your life.
*Love is a powerful emotion and it has many levels within it. You can love your parents, love your children, love your siblings, love your friends... even love your enemies all with different levels of love. Loving someone and being in-love with them are two different types and levels of emotion. When you are in-love, you think of them constantly, enjoy their company whether you're talking or not, just being in the same room together is comfortable and pleasing, you appreciate and respect them and the differences between the two of you, you cannot imagine your life without them in it, every day you feel your heart could not possibly love them more until the next day when the love in your heart grows yet again for this person. Being in-love, is a strong passionate emotion powerful enough to prompt great changes in your life. It can also heighten your sexuality in that you want to be so completely wrapped up with this person you have an intense desire to show your love physically, unselfishly pleasing them completely before yourself because when you're pleasing them it gives you a heightened sense of pleasure within your soul. Love is ever changing, as life unfolds many different challenges for us to overcome. Being "in-love", over time, will increasingly change as the two of you grow together or apart. It can ripen into a full blown lifelong fulfilling commitment, if nurtured properly. However, even when nurtured properly, life still has a way of effecting the levels of love whether positively or negatively.
Knowing the difference between love, lust, and the love that will grow into a lifelong fulfilling existence can take days, months, even years before the truth exposes itself through life experiences, red flags, and "deal breakers". Above all, be honest with yourself, sensitive to your gut feelings so you can follow them instead of dismissing things away and end up in a lifelong discontented relationship.
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What is the difference between i love you and im in love with you?

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