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When can a foster carer have contact with an adopted child after it has moved on?

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You can't contact the child until they are adults unless the adoptive parents let you. When they are adults they decide for themselves.
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At what age can an adopted child move out?

  Answer     A legally adopted child will be treated as any other minor. Their adopted parents have the same rights and responsibilities as a biological parent. 

What is the difference between an adopted child and a foster child?

A foster child is temporarily in the custody of an individual, couple, or group home, but the legal guardian for that child is still the state. An adopted child is permanent

Can a foster child be moved into another foster home?

Yes. This will happen for several reasons at the child's request, if there are repeated problems with the foster parentsat the foster parents' requestin order to split siblin

What is the difference between a adopted and a foster child?

Foster children are cared for by a foster parent, this "parent" has custody of this child. With Adoption a child is handed over to a new set of parents who have gone through

How are the adoption of a child and the addition of a child to a foster family similar?

From personal experience I can tell you that adopting a child is incredibly rewarding, and can make a family feel complete, but more importantly it gives the child a sense of

Can the child of a prisoner who is in foster care be adopted?

It may have EVERYTHING to do with the laws of your particular state - but usually unless the legal parent/guardian of the child surrenders any claim, they remain, legally, the

What happens if foster parents want to adopt the foster child?

If the child's parents are no longer in the legal picture, then  there are steps to follow in order to adopt the child. Many foster  children are in foster care while their