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When did Charles Darwin come up with his evolution theory?

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Darwin was in the Galapagos Islands August to September 1834. It was there that he began wondering about evolution. He returned to England in 1836, and in 1837 Darwin started his first notebook on evolution, secretly.
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How did Darwin come up with evolution?

Charles Darwin did not "come up" with evolution. Evolution always existed, and Darwin rather eloquently explained one theory (or a number of theories, depending on how you rea

Is the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin correct?

Charles Darwin's theory suggests all eukaryotes share common ancestry and changed to conform to their environment via natural selection. Scientists accept evolution as most of

Did Darwin ever say that he was wrong for coming up with the theory of evolution?

He had problems reconciling them, but in the end, he knew he had it right. And that was before he even had DNA analysis to back it up.    Darwin Darwin just documented hi

What is the difference between the lamarack and Charles Darwin theory of evolution?

The mechanisms for evolution. Lamark had a concept called acquired characteristics, an organism " needed " to evolve and any development of the organism, say developed muscles

How did Charles Darwin come up with his theories?

  Charles Darwin had gone on his first voyage that took him to the Galapagos Islands. On that only isolated island he found 12 different kinds of finches- all with differe