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When did Hitler rearm Germany and how much did weapons increase by?

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In February 1933, days after Hitler came to power, Hitler instructed the German general, von Fritsch to end German disarmament and to 'create an army of the greatest possible strength'. Germany began a remarkable increase in its level of weaponry that was to gather momentum during the mid-1930's. By July 1933, tanks were being produced and by 1934 Germany was making aircrafts and warships. The production of military aircraft rose from 36 planes in 1932 to 1,938 planes in 1934 and 5,112 planes in 1936. In 1935, Hitler introduced conscription and began to increase massively the number of soldiers in the German army.
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When did Hitler rearm Germany?

Hitler's first major decision on becoming chancellor in 1933 was to give the highest priority to reamament.

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In 1933, Hitler began rearming Germany while other countries are unaware of the rearmament. He handled it cleverly by convincing people with his public display. The public dis

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In 1933 Hitler began rearming Germany even though it violated the Treaty of the Versailles. Some say it was in secret but other countries did know and did nothing about it.

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1932 Hitler had 30 warships. By 1939 Hitler had 90 warships. 1932, Hitler had 36 aircraft's. By 1939 Hitler had 8,250 aircraft's. 1932, Hitler had 100,000 soldiers.

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