When did hershey kiss jingle bell Christmas commercial debut?

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If you mean the one where the kisses are ringing bells, it was 1989.
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Is Jingle Bells a Christmas song?

yes yes it a very awesome Christmas song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no it is not, it is a thaksgiving song!!! he wrote it for his church in thanksgiving, it was so good the

Who wrote the Christmas carol Jingle Bells?

It is speculated that Lord Pierpont was the original writer or"Jingle Bells". This is infact, not true. The carol was written bya man with the last name of Hemy. The song Jing

When did silver bells become Hersheys kisses?

I'm trying to find out about Hershey's (Silver) Bells - I am 83years old, and am sure that when I was a child the Kisses werecalled Bells - when did they change, and why? Di
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Who is the girl in the Hershey kiss Easter commercial?

The young "daughter" in the 2011 and 2012 Hershey Kisses Easter commercial is Alexandra Meyer. She was four years old when it was shot. It was her very first commercial auditi