When did the Oklahoma start the Oklahoma thunders?

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When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans the Hornets relocated to OKC for the 05-06 and 06-07 seasons. It did so well in OKC the NBA took notice and decided to move the Seattle Super Sonics to OKC. Oklahoma City Thunder Est. 2008
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The roster for the Oklahoma City thunder?

8-Chucky Atkins 4-Nick Collison 35-Kevin Durant 0-Russel Westbrook 23-B.J. Mullens 13-James Harden 9-Serge Ibaka 22-Jeff Green 14-Shaun Livingston 12-Nenad Krstic 2-Thabo Sefo

Who is the owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder?

The Professional Basketball Club, LLC owns the Oklahoma City Thunder. They also own the Tulsa 66ers in the NBA Development League. The group is composed of of Oklahoma City bu