When did the iPod come out to the public?

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it was announced on may 15 2003
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When did the iPod come out?

The first iPod was released on November 10, 2001. The iPod is a portable media player and as of Dec. 2010 there were 297 million sold worldwide. Currently iPod owners can purc

Where do iPods come from?

Ipods are produced by Apple. The parts come from many companies around the world. Foxconn is a major iPod manufaturing company in China.Some sad news is that one of the main d

Which iPod is coming out after the iPod chromatic and when?

Well, after the nano chromatic (Nano 4th gen) the shuffle 3rd gen was released. It is speculated that the next iPod will be an iPod touch/ iPhone 3rd gen coming out late June

My iPod will not come on?

First, you need to know exactly what happened before the crash. What did you do that made it not turn on, or think what made it not turn on? Try holding the power and home b

Why is no sound coming out of your ipod touch?

Alright, mine has this problem, and I am led to believe that it is a result of bad connection with the head phone jack, as in, perhaps, some wiring has come disconnected. When

Your iPod will not come on why not?

Try plugging the iPod into your computer as you would normally charge it. If this does not work, hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake (power) button simultaneously for 6
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Do iPod touches come apart?

In regular temperatures, iPod Touches do not come apart. However, in extreme temperatures, the glue that holds the back of the iPod to the front will become a liquid again and