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When do new cars come out?

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usually the September or october the previous year.
for example, the new '09 cars will come out this coming September
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Does every new car come with a GPS?

No.....But there is new technology that can be installed in any vehicle and at a very low price. It is called the Millennium Plus, and can be found at http://www.findvehicle.n

When do new 2012 cars come out?

In September of 2011.

When do new new cars come out?

New cars may hit the market at any time of the year. Next model  year models typically hit the market between September and  November, but may come out as early as January.

Do most new cars come with alarm systems?

Yes, most new cars do come with alarm systems. It is considered a standard package now for most new cars. Generally, the OEM alarm will only monitor the door and the trunk for

Are the xenon lights on the new Volvo's a problem for on coming cars?

It depends, some people are bothered by them because they have maybe brain problems like migraines or just don't like them. But then again people don't even notice them and do

Do we have any new sports cars coming up in Dubai.?

Toyota86 is one. A sports car developed jointly by Toyota and  Subaru it is claimed its designed to be the best possible sports  car at the cheapest price. It has front-mid