When do new cars come out?

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usually the September or october the previous year.
for example, the new '09 cars will come out this coming September
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Does every new car come with a GPS?

No.....But there is new technology that can be installed in any vehicle and at a very low price. It is called the Millennium Plus, and can be found at http://www.findvehic

How do you get new title if car did not come with one?

\nAll vehicles have a title. You should have never bought a car without receiving the title. Demand the title from the seller. If he does not have one, take him in tow to your

What if your new car comes with satellite radio do you have to pay to continue it?

Past some point, yes. Satellite radio is a business; it stays on the air because its listeners pay for it. The new car may have come with some period of pre-paid service, bu

When do new new cars come out?

New cars may hit the market at any time of the year. Next modelyear models typically hit the market between September andNovember, but may come out as early as January.

Do we have any new sports cars coming up in Dubai.?

There are many sports cars dealers and offers in that area. Allclaim to be the best. The newer cars are Nismo, Patrol Safari,GT-R, 370Z Coupe, 370Z Roadster,The New Dodge Chal