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When do you start losing your teeth?

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Permanent teeth will hang on as long you care for them properly.
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At what age do kids start losing their teeth?

Answer   Children can start loosing their baby teeth anywhere from about the age of 5 to about 7. Usually the two front teeth on the bottom are the first teeth to be repl

How do you lose teeth?

There are a few different things that cause a person to lose teeth.  Gum diseases can cause this and rotting of the roots and teeth can  cause it.

What teeth will you lose?

your milk teeth will be lost. all your incisors, canines and premolars will come new.

What happens when your cat starts losing teeth?

An adult cat losing teeth can't be good - cats don't usually lose their teeth unless there is a problem, such as an infection in it's mouth. Most dental problems start in the
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When do you start to lose all your teeth to get adult teeth?

The first of the baby teeth (also called "milk teeth" and "deciduous teeth") begn to fall out about age five. They are gradually replaced by the newly erupting adult teeth, a
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When do you lose and get teeth?

You start losing teeth at the age of five and ten but molars you lose a little bit later from ten to thirteen.And the permanent teeth usually start grow a year lator or even f