When do you use sell vs sale?

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'Sale' is a noun; 'sell' is a verb. (Of course, there are exceptions.)
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Where can you find a bill of sale form for selling a used car 'As Is'?

You should check with your State's department that registers the ownership of automobiles and other vehicles. That is where you will find the forms used for selling the car. E

What do they sell at a used Honda sale?

A used Honda sale is going to have many different types of Honda's including Accords, Civics, motorcycles, SUV's, etc. All the vehicles will have been used to some degree, whe

Do you have to pay sales tax on a used mobile home when selling it in Texas?

As I understand it, the BUYER pays a small tax on buying a USED mobile home in Texas if they are going to use it as a residence. (different rules apply if you are going to r

How much would a 1963 US nickel be worth to sell at a yard sale?

Unless the coin is in proof or uncirculated condition it's onlyworth face value, so selling it at a yard sale wouldn't be veryprofitable. Older-date nickels still turn up in c