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When does summer officially start and end?

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The astronomical summer begins Wednesday, June 20, 2012, and ends Friday, September 21, 2012.
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What is the official start of summer in the US?

Not really sure if there is a difference between "official" and "technical" or "astronomical" start to summer. Northern Hemisphere summer begins-- astronomically/technically--

When does summer officially end?

Summer officially ends at different times for different people.  Summer officially ends for school kids when they start the next  school year.

When does summer end in US officially?

The official end of summer in the United States is on the autumnal  equinox on September 21st. Most people in the US observe the end of  summer on Labor Day weekend at the b

When does the summer officially begin and end?

It depends round the globe. In the Northern Hemisphere, it begins on June 20 and ends on September 23. In the Southern Hemisphere it usually commences on 22 December. The end

When did summer officially start?

The official start of summer depends where in the world you are. In the northern hemisphere, summer occurs from May to September, give or take a week or so. The hottest months
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When does summer officially end 2012 in US?

Summer officially ends at the moment of the autumnal equinox. In the U.S. in 2012, that occurs at... . March 19 @ 6:14 PM Samoa Standard Time . September 22 @ 4:48 AM Hawa