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Crawfish "season" typically runs from March through about June. This is when you will get your best crawfish. From August to February the shells on the crawfish are quite hard and not as easy to peel, and they are not as "fat".

And, there is actually a season. Crawfish harvesting begins in the Spring, thus this is why your best crawfish are in the early spring months.

Crawfish farms consist of ponds that are drained and replanted in the summer, reflooded in the fall and winter, and begin harvesting in the spring. Laura
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Where do crawfish live?

The greatest diversity of crayfish species is found in fresh water rivers and lakes in south-eastern North America.

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Male crawfish/crawdads produce a packet of sperm that resembles a small raspberry. They approach a female and place the packet at the base of the third peripod using a pair of

What is crawfish?

A crawfish (also known as a crayfish) is a fresh-water crustacean  that looks like and is closely related to a very small lobster.  Their scientific name is Astacoidea and a

How do Crawfish Move?

  they pull there tail under there body and it makes them swim bckward

Can you get crawfish in July?

Indeed you can, although the best months to catch them are in the fall and spring. The amount of crawfish you can catch depends more on the are than the month though. places l

What makes a Crawfish a Crawfish?

The identity of any given species is determined by genetics. Identification of a species by zoologists involves observation of various details. In the case of a crawfish, you