When should you say no?

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As a general rule to live by, you should say NO loudly and clearly when someone asks or tells you to do something:
  1. you know is wrong
  2. you do not want to do or are not ready to do (example: sex ... and, oral sex IS also "sex")
  3. you would be ashamed to tell your parents or religious / church leader
  4. that is only for the other person's benefit (example: steal a car for me)
  5. that is wrong but the person says you are a minor, so you won't go to jail for it but you will have a record
  6. that hurts anyone else
  7. that hurts yourself in any way
  8. that you would not let your God do to you or with you, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually
  9. that involves giving anyone money as "payment" or "protection"
  10. that involves threats or actions to destroy or deface any building or place
  11. that just seems RIGHT to say NO... just because you don't want to....
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