When the ac is turned on only the fan is blowing - there is no cold air coming out of the vent you tried turning the ac power breakers off and on thanks?

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Chances are the compressor is not running. It could be a number of causes:
  • Compressor is not getting power due to a bad connection
  • Some AC units have a fan only setting. The switch may have failed and it is stuck in fan mode
  • The compressor is toasted.
  • There is a coolant leak and the compressor has shut off to protect itself.
You can check for electrical problems yourself, if you are comfterable with electical systems it could be an easy fix. If you do track it down to the compressor, you may want to call a professional. Modern compressors are usually sealed & soldered in. Probably nut much fun to fix...
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Why does the AC stop blowing cold air but then works fine after turning AC on and off a few times on a 1999 Express van?

It could also be a possible short in the wire to the compressor or a loose connection where the wires connect to the compressor...the A/C switch could be faulty (check the con

Why would the AC light in a 2000 Mazda Protege go off when the fan is turned to 2 3 4 and not blow cold air?

I had the same problem. It is caused by a loose/bad connection between the a/c switch and the relay to the blower/compressor. If you remove the radio, you will find what looks

Why does central ac turn on but fan does not blow cool air?

If the fan is blowing anything at all, check the outside unit to make sure that fan is running and the cooling fins are clean. If the fan is ok and the fins are clogged, wash
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Why will your ac turn on but not blow cold air?

could have too much freon in it or air is not going thru evaporatorIf comp runs Check if return line is cold at the comp If it is thenyou know it is an evaporator problem
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Why does the ac start cold but when you turn the car off and restart it it blows hot air?

In most auto ac units, the ac compressor is "at rest" below about 1500 rpms. You usually don't notice it at idle during normal driving because you are stopped at fairly quick
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How do you turn off fan and ac?

Well you have to press the button that says off to be able to turn it off.