When the ac is turned on only the fan is blowing - there is no cold air coming out of the vent you tried turning the ac power breakers off and on thanks?

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Chances are the compressor is not running. It could be a number of causes:
  • Compressor is not getting power due to a bad connection
  • Some AC units have a fan only setting. The switch may have failed and it is stuck in fan mode
  • The compressor is toasted.
  • There is a coolant leak and the compressor has shut off to protect itself.
You can check for electrical problems yourself, if you are comfterable with electical systems it could be an easy fix. If you do track it down to the compressor, you may want to call a professional. Modern compressors are usually sealed & soldered in. Probably nut much fun to fix...
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Why would the AC fans not come on when you turn on the AC?

I have a 1994 caprice 5.7 liter v8 with two cooling fans. The second one is only supposed to come on when the a/c is running. It does not due to the Engine Control Module (computer brain) not telling it to. The fan was tested with a direct wire and it works fine. The options are to replace the ECM o (MORE)

Why would an auto AC turn on but only blow warm air?

Answer there is probably a low refrigent (leak someware) issue . Here are responses:. Several things could be the cause. Low coolant. Heater valve. The belt. The compressor. Check these in the order shown. . You most likely to need a new temperature control switch in your heater/ac. This is th (MORE)

There is a white vapor gas of steam that comes from the vent of your Honda accord when you turn on the ac sometimes it doesn't happen turning off the ac then turning it on solves the problem sometimes?

There was a article that claims a dangerous gas in car air conditioners is causing lung cancer and alzheimer. They claim that the exhaust of a car can possible mix with the Freon then forms a toxic gas that vents out into your car. This can not be possible true says TruthOrFriction.com continued: (MORE)

What should you do if your residential AC outside unit fan will come on and the compressor will only come on for a second and then shut off and the unit is not throwing a breaker?

Call an HVAC repairman. You're probably low on freon and a protection system is keeping the compressor from burning up. Sounds like to me it is a protection device. Probably an internal overload on the compressor. Have you checked the outside coils they may be blocked with dirt? This would cause t (MORE)

What do you have to do to your AC if it is blowing cold air?

Answer . it should be blowing cold air(wish mine did)but really though you might try to\nadjust the warm air control\ni think we are on the same page\n. \ni found out if you turn your control knob all the way counter clock wise to the coldest postition it closes the vent from the outside, the re (MORE)

What causes the AC fan to blow at top speed but not much air to come through the vents on a 1997 BMW 328I?

Answer . \nThis here can be a number of things, first of all if your blower is running in only high speed, i would first try to put in a new final stage blower resistor, its located behind the center console on the drivers side, actually right to the right on the gas pedal, also if you are no (MORE)

Why does the AC stop blowing cold air but then works fine after turning AC on and off a few times on a 1999 Express van?

It could also be a possible short in the wire to the compressor or a loose connection where the wires connect to the compressor...the A/C switch could be faulty (check the connections to the switch and if there are only 2..jump them together and see if the a/c compressor comes on..if so..disconnect (MORE)

Why would the AC light in a 2000 Mazda Protege go off when the fan is turned to 2 3 4 and not blow cold air?

I had the same problem. It is caused by a loose/bad connection between the a/c switch and the relay to the blower/compressor. If you remove the radio, you will find what looks like a "plug" that has a number of wires running into it (the relay), that connects to the a/c switch in the dash. If you un (MORE)

How cool should the air coming out of my vents be with the home AC turned on?

What is target a/c delta 'T' . The target temperature is 20*. It can vary from that based on conditions, but that is the design. Regards . What is target a/c delta 'T' . The target temperature is 20* difference between the return and the supply air temperature. It can vary from that based (MORE)

If the cooling fan on a 1998 Mitsubishi Montero V6 3.0 does not turn on when your AC turns on can that cause your AC to blow hot air?

yes it can and will.......if the electric fan dosent come on it will not cool the a/c condenser near as well as it should be.....also ensure proper function of the commpressor....regaurdlessif the fans not working.....that's the first problem..... to fix it......check the fuses, then if that does (MORE)

Why does central ac turn on but fan does not blow cool air?

If the fan is blowing anything at all, check the outside unit to make sure that fan is running and the cooling fins are clean. If the fan is ok and the fins are clogged, wash them off with a garden hose. Beyond that, you will probably need to call someone who had the training and equipment to fix th (MORE)

2000 Chevy silverado heater and ac fan rusthen air flow drops off turning fan higher you can hear it speed up but no more air flow comes out turn it off and it starts all over again?

there is a little electric motor located under the dash on the heater box it opens a little door in there that directs the air to the defroster, vents, under the dash etc. those are bad about going out. If air flow is reduced when a/c is on- could be an incorrect refrigerant charge - causing the e (MORE)

Ac does not blow cold air?

More than likely you have a leak in your system and it is low of refrigerant. Have it inspected by a professional.

I was driving to work going about 80mph and I turned on my ac I noticed smoke coming from my air vents. I freaked out and turned the ac off ewhen I went back to check it was not doing it anymore?

It was just condensation in the air coming out of the ac system and into the car. Nothing more than a bit of misty moisture that you could actually see coming out of the vents. It was not smoke unless you actually smelled something burning. Crank her up to 90 next time while you're at it.... It was (MORE)

Ac not blow out cold air?

You gonna need to add Freon. Real cheap an easy fix. If your Freon is full an still the AC is working. Most likely gonna be your AC pump. That's not cheap. Cost me more the a few hundred getting mine replaced last year.

Why does the ac start cold but when you turn the car off and restart it it blows hot air?

In most auto ac units, the ac compressor is "at rest" below about 1500 rpms. You usually don't notice it at idle during normal driving because you are stopped at fairly quick intervals. Once the engine has stopped, the inside temp has risen noticeably and you feel the circulated warm air before the (MORE)

Why do cooling fans only come on when you turn on AC on your Honda CR-V?

The CRV has a very efficient cooling system and the fans only come on as necessary to assist cooling. When you engage the A/C they usually kick on for a minute or two to maintain coolant temperature and will kick back off if they are not needed. So, if you are not overheating you probably don't have (MORE)