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When the baby is an embryo where does it get its nutrients?

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From the mother, that is why they may need to eat more protein, to help the baby grow. :)
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Where does the embryo of the mammal receive its nutrients from?

The mammal embryo receives its nutrients from the mother through the placenta. The placenta allows nutrients to travel from the mother's system to the embryo's, and for waste

How does an embryo get oxygen and nutrients from its mom?

A mammalian embryo gets oxygen and nutrients from it mother by means of the umbilical cord which extends the embryonic blood supply into the placenta embedded in the mothers w

Is an embryo an unborn baby?

Yes, an embryo is definitely an unborn baby. An embryo is just as much as unborn baby as a three week-old is a born baby. There is no point in which an embryo goes from being

How do babies become embryos?

Babies don't become embryos, it's the other way around. A fertilised egg becomes a zygote, a zygote becomes an embryo, an embryo becomes a foetus, a foetus becomes a baby.
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How does an embryo get nutrients during pregnancy?

The embryo of a mammal is connected to the mother by the umbilical cord. The cord connects the embryo to the placenta, which transfers nutrients to the blood in the umbilical