When the lungs inhale oxygen what does it exhale as a waste?

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The lungs largely exhale carbon dioxide and water vapor along with the non-oxygen components of the air taken in (such as nitrogen).
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What is the oxygen inhaled into your lungs used for?

It basically is used to burn fuel to power the body, more or less just like a campfire uses the air to burn. When the blood goes to the lungs, oxygen is absorbed in and as it

Why do your lungs inhale and exhale?

so you can get oxygen in you body Lungs inhale to supply the body with oxygen, they exhale to dispose of poisonous gasses such as carbon dioxide.

What changes occur in the lungs when you inhale and exhale?

Your lungs are known as the "respiratory center" of your body. They exchange all sorts of gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen and other byproducts. When you inhale your diap

What is allows the lungs to inhale and exhale?

The diaphram which is a sheet of internal skeletal muscle that extends across the bottom of the ribcage. The muscle expands and contracts causing the lungs to fill and empty.

Do cows inhale and exhale oxygen?

In a manner of speaking, yes. However the form that oxygen is in is not pure when exhaled: it is bonded with a carbon atom, making the molecule carbon dioxide, which is the pr