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When the lungs inhale oxygen what does it exhale as a waste?

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The lungs largely exhale carbon dioxide and water vapor along with the non-oxygen components of the air taken in (such as nitrogen).
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What is the oxygen inhaled into your lungs used for?

It basically is used to burn fuel to power the body, more or less just like a campfire uses the air to burn. When the blood goes to the lungs, oxygen is absorbed in and as it

Why does the amount of oxygen vary in inhaled and exhaled air?

You need oxygen to live because it functions in cellular respiration, which supplies you with energy. Oxygen is used up and carbon dioxide is produced. When you inhale, you ar

Do you exhale to remove excess oxygen from the lungs?

No- exhaling removes carbon dioxide from your lungs- along with nitrogen that you had inhaled, and any oxygen that was not transferred to red blood cells.

Why do your lungs inhale and exhale?

so you can get oxygen in you body Lungs inhale to supply the body with oxygen, they exhale to dispose of poisonous gasses such as carbon dioxide.

What causes your body to inhale and exhale air into your lungs?

I believe that the pressure from the diaphragm causes our lungs inflate, thus we inhale and when the diaphragm deflates, it makes us exhale. -------------------------------

Does cow exhale oxygen after inhaling it?

Yes, but not as O2. Cows, just like us humans, exhale CO2, which is carbon dioxide, a molecule that has oxygen with a carbon atom attached.